Zero-X3 (Brandon Balke)

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1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT Base

Ride of the Month Submission 3000GT/Stealth International September 2010

Ride of the Month Submission 3000GT/Stealth International November 2009


  • Underdrive pully kit
  • Stage 2 clutch
  • CryO2 Kit
  • Custom exhaust with electric cutout
  • VR4 Injectors
  • Grounding kit THANKS TO Duttch
  • Voltage stabilizer
  • Polished heads
  • Air intake
  • high flow radiator


  • 99 Novara front and rear bumper.
  • Finishing custom sides for Cianci
  • Bad boys paint job
  • koing rims
  • nexan z tires
  • 99 turn signals
  • carbon fiber wing
  • 6 million color led kits with wheel light
  • autoloc smoke screen kit
  • cryO2 purge kit
  • custom box with 2 10in orion subs
  • apc seats
  • harness bar
  • camlock seat belts
  • cianci pillar pod
  • autometer tach.
  • autometer a/f
  • autometer egt
  • autometer volt
  • AEM oil pressure
  • AEM water temp
  • AEM nos psi gauge
  • 3sx polished intake
  • 3sx polished valve covers
  • 3sx polished fluid covers
  • 3sx polish spark plug cover


  • 7in lcd touchscreen with dvd mp4 gps with sd car reader
  • 2 10 orion subs
  • custom box
  • orion 2000 watt amp
  • yellow top bat.
  • capacitor
  • highs jl audio 6"
  • mids jl audio 6x9
  • 12" lcd tv
  • 7" lcd tv

My Story

As most of you know my car started out with no trans or engine. And I bought it for $1000.00 dollars. Here it is then:


After I bought the car I was in a car wreck that prevented me from doing anything to the car for over a year and a half. I was rear ended by a lady at a stop light she was doing 70 at the time of impact. This is just one image I will post before surgery the rest my wife would have a fit over me posting them.


So finally after I was starting to move around more I got to work on the car.


After months of therapy longer than it should have been. But that was my fault I could not stop working on the car. I was able to make it to my first NG09. Wow I never had so much fun with random people I never met.


About a month after that I could really start moving around and decide it was time to really put some time and money into her.

More than anything I owe this car to 3si. You guys have helped with this car on many many occasions. And help me keep my sanity while I was laid off in bed. I have met new friends here. And times that can never be replaced.

I would like to give a special thanks to the people that helped me out along the way: Duttch, Stealthee, VR3.9, SLguy, green-lantern, SpyderGirl for the laughs at NG09, Alan and Lori (for the help on getting to NG09 after my GPS went out). LMAO And last but not least kywhitelightning for the ride around Memphis after my car spun a bearing hes a stand up guy.