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June 2010 - Ride of the Month 3000GT/Stealth International

1998 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4
Pearl White

3SI Member #455


  • Deft Racing VLS kit

Suspension and Wheels

  • 18" MAAS M21's
  • Kuhmo Ecsta SPT's
  • KSport coilovers
  • 3SX adjustable rear control arms


  • Blitz FATT
  • Blitz DSBC
  • MAF Translator Gen 2 w/ 3" GM MAF
  • Snow Performance VC-100
  • Snow Performance High Flow Pump
  • Walbro 255
  • Innovative LC-1 WB controller w/ DB guage
  • Autometer EGT guage


  • Untouched


  • IPS Level 1 19T's
  • Dejon Intake pipes w/ K&N cone filters
  • CX Racing FMIC kit
  • Tial 50mm BOV
  • Aeromotive A1000 AFPR
  • PTE 550cc injectors
  • Ebay precat eliminators
  • 3SX shorty 3" DP
  • Maximal Performance 3" TP
  • IPS 3" Quad Tip exhaust
  • 2 375ml injectors for methanol
  • IPS Street Heads
  • 3SX aluminum LW crank pulley
  • RPS Street Max clutch & PP
  • RPS Segmented FW
  • Mishimoto aluminum radiator


  • 2 Orion Cobalt 12's
  • All RF highs
  • Old school RF Punch 100 driving the subs
  • Newer school RF Punch 200 driving the highs
  • JVC deck controlling it all

My Story

In 1998, my graduation year I went to the local Mitsu dealer and wanted to test drive the new Eclipse GSX. I had an older Eclipse GS that I loved to death but was ready for an upgrade. While at the dealership, I saw a white VR-4 spinning on the pedastal on the other side of the lot and fell in love. Knowing I couldn't afford it I didn't pursued it but it then became my "Dream car" right next to a Corvette.

Eight years later I finally got my white 1998 VR-4. Completely bone stock, and leaking some oil I drove 4 hours to pick her up. I fixed the leaks and got her in tip top shape while studying the information here on 3SI for the next 2 years. By then, I had a budget, build plan, a HP goal, and track goals.

In October 2008 the teardown began. My build goal was 400-500WHP, be completely streetable without losing any creature comforts, and run 11.5 in the 1/4 mile. Phase one(see what she can do) mods took me 3 months to install while working full time and going to college full time. She at dynoed 460WHP. I was quite pleased to say the least but, I just wasn't finished yet. Phase two(more power) began the summer of 2009 and produced 594WHP. No track times since phase two, but the NG is rapidly approaching. I am beside myself with this and now it's time to put my focus elsewhere. Phase three(total beautification) is put on hold until after my family and I move to Georgia in 2011. I still have a full weight, full interior car, with great street demeaner, lots of power, and all the factory installed creature comforts. I have never done anything like this before and thanks the knowledge gained here I built her to what she is today. She is my pride and joy. Thanks for reading.