Tuning: Install Wideband Oxygen Sensor (O2)

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This article has been written containing specifics to the AEM 30-4100 but information can be transferred to other units. This is a simple write up for someone new to automotive modifications and should not be considered a substitute to other more in depth articles, or the product's installation manual.

First things first, you need to mount your O2 sensor. AEM and other manufacturers recommend a minimum sensor distance of 36" away from the turbocharger(s) to prevent the sensor from overheating. If installing a single sensor, it should be mounted in a location that can measure both exhaust flows i.e. after the "log" in the stock downpipe or after the "y" in an aftermarket downpipe. The sensor should be mounted at a positive angle to prevent water from collecting, AEM specifies a minimum of 10 degrees for their sensor. The most common way to mount your sensor is a M18x1.5 bung, welded to the pipe. However alternative methods such as clamps can be used and are available for purchase.

As always, disconnect the battery when doing any electrical work.

After securing your wiring and connectors under the car, proceed to feed the remaining wire up into the engine bay. From there the wire can be taken through the hole in the firewall and to your gauge. For the AEM 30-4100, this will plug into the gauge. Attach the second plug into the gauge, and connect the red wire to a switched power source protected by a 10A fuse, the black wire is a ground. The blue & white wires are not required for the gauge to function, but can be used in conjunction with other devices (AEM EMS, MAFT PRO, etc...) Remember to make good clean electrical connections when doing any wiring, electrical gremlins can be one of the hardest things to track down.

Test your work before installing any interior panels that might have been removed during the installation of your gauge. Some sensors require calibration before they are installed into the exhaust pipe. Refer to your product's manual if applicable. The AEM 30-4100 does not require calibration.

Written by Mb3000