Repair: Common Problems and Associated Repair Cost

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There are SO many problems that are fairly common, and fortunately finding an answer for them here on 3si is pretty easy. If you are in the market to purchase a Stealth or a 3000GT, here are a few things that you should keep an eye out for:

  • Broken window regulators ($100 to $250)
  • Cracked transfer case/leaking gear oil (Under federal recall: free!)
  • Brake light flashs upon acceleration (low brake fluid)
  • Flashing tour/sport light (unplugged or broken wire on ECS)
  • Yellow indicator light flashes on turns (low window washer fluid)
  • Water leaking into the car (often through the rear hatch)
  • Car smokes a lot during idle (head gasket/etc - $1000+)
  • Lifter tick (inevitable, research 3rd generation lifters $350+ (can be had for $120 in GB section))
  • Active Aero not working (check wiring)
  • Alarm goes off randomly (check hood/door triggers)
  • Locks randomly activate/deactivate (ETACs $150, or Door Switches $35, or wiring)
  • Snapped timing belt (if not replaced every 60k)
  • Broken radio antenna ($50 to $100)
  • Grinding into 1st, 2nd, 3rd and/or reverse gears (going syncros, $1000+, or do it yourself for $300)
  • Cracked dash vents ($50 to $90)
  • Ripping/cracking leather seats ($300 to $750 to reupholster)
  • Ripping/cracking Door panels, and rear quarter panels ($50-$100)
  • Ripping/cracking Shift Boot ($15.00 on ebay)
  • SRS light on (Free – unplug bulb in gauge cluster)
  • Leaking oil on valve cover ($10.00 for replacement oil cap with better seal)
  • Pitting/Flaking chrome rims. ($200 - $750 each)
  • Leaking Fuel sending unit at bent hardline above gas tank ($10-$100)
  • Leaking capacitors in ECU and Digital Climate Control($40-$300)
  • Spun Bearing (New/rebuilt engine possibly turbos $2000-$3000)
  • Dented Oil Pan used as jacking point, causing Spun Bearing($100 - 3k)
  • Rear Wheel Steering leaks (Common fix is to remove at $100.00 in linkages)
  • Active Exhaust Valve locks up due to corrosion (Most people replace entire exhaust ($350-$1500)
  • Ignition Solenoid does not start car (???)
  • ISC Idle Speed Control motor (40.00+ECU)
  • Loose timing belt due to slipping tensioner pulley (0-1000.00)
  • Cracked tranny drain plug hole threads (100-200 new end cover)
  • Viscous coupling Blown due to towing car with only 2 wheels ($1200-$2500 tranny rebuild)