Door: Replace Power Window Motor

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  • Take door panel off, it's easy if you don't know how. Just take all the screws you can see off. There are 3 screw that are behind the carpet cover on the lower part of the panel. The panel just pop out.
  • Disconnect the light and switches connector.
  • Remove the clear plastic that cover over the a big hole of inner metal frame.
  • There are 2 screws holding the glass window to the motor assembly. Find a piece of wood and jack the glass window up to where you can see these screws. Remove the 2 screws and window won't drop, IF YOU JACK it up.
  • There are 4 screws holding the assembly rail to the inner frame. Two above the hole and 2 below the hole. Take those out and the frame should come right out.
  • The motor itself is mounted by the hole, in the lower part and front side of the car. Facing the hole, if driver side it will be on your right, passenger side is on your left. Disconnect the power connector. There are 3 screws holding the motor to metal frame. Take those screws out and the motor should come off.
  • Slide the motor assembly out thru the hole.
  • Put the new one in.
  • Just reverse the procedure.
  • YOU'RE DONE, 30 minutes or less, saved $210.

Hope this will help those with broken power window.

Thanks to Sop(aZnRiDeZ) for this procedure. Information taken from THIS thread.