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The Upper Midwest Gathering has been an annual event happening the weekend before Memorial Day in May. The UMG started back in 2000 when 16 3/S owners got together in Wisconsin Dells for three days of fun. Since then the UMG has grown. In 2005 we had 51 3/Ses there and 65 3/S owners!

Wisconsin Dells is a great tourist area filled with water parks, hotels, go-karts, restaurants, boat cruises and tons of other attractions. Wisconsin Dells is also perfectly nestled halfway between Minneapolis and Chicago and its right off interstate 90/94. Milwaukee and Madison are only a couple of hours away as well. The Dells is also very scenic as it is right on the Wisconsin River and outside of town is very hilly making for some great photo opportunities and some nice rural cruises.

What really makes the Upper Midwest Gathering special is the people. Legions of 3/S owners from the Minnesota 3/S club and the Wisconsin 3SI club have been coming to this event from the beginning. We also attract owners from Iowa and Illinois and other parts of the Midwest. Many friendships and bonds have been formed over the years. Most of us stay at Baker's Sunset Bay Resort. Its a nice, quiet hotel set in a wooded area along Lake Delton. We gather in the parking lot and the grassy areas for our big Saturday cookout and we hang out on the beach for volleyball and the bonfire pit. We also take over the indoor pool and whirlpool on Friday and Saturday nights. The UMG is a great environment for all 3/S owners whether you are young or old. Some owners bring there whole family for a great family vacation.

The basic schedule for the UMG is the same. On Friday morning we take our first rural cruise outside the Dells. Then Friday afternoon others get into town and we meet at the hotel. Friday night we go out to eat. After dinner some owners go to the local drive-in movie theater. Saturday morning we have a 3/S car show at Monk's in Lake Delton. We get 30-40 cars lined up by generation and owners vote on their favorites. Saturday night is the big cookout at the hotel and then later on some people go cruising down the main strip. Sunday is the rural cruise on some twisty roads outside of town. We finish the gathering with a Sunday lunch at Pizza Pub. There is something fun for all 3/S enthusiasts at the Upper Midwest Gathering.

Here are the attendance numbers for the UMG:

Year Vehicles Owners
2000 16
2001 27
2002 27
2003 37
2004 46
2005 51 65
2006 42 53
2007 53 62
2008 50 56
2009 54 65
2010 52 64
2011 47 56
2012 41
2013 45 55
2014 40
2015 33 40
2016 37
2017 33
2018 44
2019 37
2021 40
2022 40
2023 42

For current info on the Upper Midwest Gathering, surf on over to the Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3sumg or e-mail Curt Gendron at [email protected]