Tuning: Install AEM Tru-Boost Gauge-Boost Controller

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I've been asked couple of times to create some instructions on how to install this gauge/controller. As far as I know these instructions don't exist for our cars. And now I had couple of hours to spare so here they are.

AEM Tru Boost Installation.

General instructions can be found online. AEM TruBoost Manual

Sorry for no pics, but I can get some if needed.

Installing the Unit[edit]

Step 1[edit]

First of all, you need to make sure that you have all of the wire and hoses. (if you bought it used). I had to get more of the vacuum hose to get it where I wanted. Where you want to mount it is up to you. How you go about getting the hoses and wires through the firewall is totally up to you as well. More Info about it can be found on this forum. So I’m not going to spend time explaining it.

Step 2[edit]

I’ll be referring to these instructions throughout the whole process. I’m assuming that your car is only BPU, without vacuum reduction and stock 9bs

-First of all, lets do some work under the hood. Get rid of your stock boost solenoid. Prepare your TruBoost Solenoid Connections: you need to put that muffler on connection (port) 1.

-Port 3 goes to the nipple on your Y pipe. Remove the hose that was on it and eliminate it if you can or just plug it with what ever you think is appropriate. Make sure it will not leak.

-Port 2 will go to your waste gate hose. These are an H kind of thing that you need to hook that port to. Vacuum line that goes from your rear turbo pipe needs to be unhooked and shut. Make sure that you don’t have any lose vacuum lines and they all (that are not being used) are shut and not leaking air.

-Then you’ll need to power up the solenoid. The vacuum that goes from the gauge to read your boost is got from the T fitting and hooked up to one of the hoses coming out of the TB. The one that’s facing the firewall is a great location for it. After you’re done hooking everything up and getting wires and vacuum hoses in the car, lets hook it up to the power wire. Stealth316.com can help us here. Basically you need the wire that will have power when you start the car. You can get them out of the ECU harness also (terminal 12 or 25). And ground of course. This one should be a lost easier.

Step 3[edit]

Once everything is hooked up and in place you can start the car. It should start no problem. Now you need to configure it right. See AEM instructions for details.

Step 4[edit]

Press both buttons and hold them for couple of seconds. Than do it again right away. I don’t know all of the details about configuration, but I can tell you how to get it working. First configuration is Units (Unl on the gauge/controller) set that to PSI. Important!!!! Holding both buttons for 2 seconds will get you to the next configuration. Get to the Sensor (SEn) and set it to I (internal). This is also important!!! Than go to the Spring Pressure (SPr) which is your WG. Set it to 6 psi. you can play with it later. Than at Full Scale (FUL) you can set how much you want your gauge to show. So if you’re not planning to run more than 20 psi than 20 would be plenty. And finally, boost settings. There are two of them, and you can easily switch back and forth. A setting of 60% will get you about 12psi if I’m not mistaken. But you can start from 50% and work you’re way up no more than 5% at the time!!!! At the end make user you get the words RUN or it will not work.!!!!

Step 5[edit]

After you’re done setting it up. You need to make sure that unit is ON otherwise it will not boost over your WG which is 6psi!!!!

How to turn it on?? Very easy. Hold your left button for a couple of seconds and release it. If its says OFF, than unit is OFF. Keep pressing the button till you get A or B setting (witch ever you choose).

This article was originally written by a2j.

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