Transmission: Replace Output Shaft Without Pulling Transmission

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Written by Jason "AbsurdParadox" Townsend

Alright, I've seen many posts and questions in the last year or so about doing the output shaft without pulling the tranny. I just installed my 300M shaft, so I thought I would offer some tips.

First of all, let me credit JRC - and whom ever made this page - I probably wouldn't have tried it without their help. EDIT: Also wanted to give props to Sean (Internexus) who helped out a lot as well.

Now let me just tell you. Its easy. I'm not going to give a full out guide to doing it, as those two sites above are available. However, I have some good advice.

  1. You do NOT need to remove anything suspension or drive train related other than the transfer case and the passenger side wheel.
  2. To get that allen bolt out that sits in your input shaft, you can use a crowbar to hold the flywheel in place through that access hole on the front (of the car) side of the tranny.
  3. Before pulling the tranny cover off, remove the the little plate that holds the the three balls and springs in. This will make removing the cover easier. You may want to place a towel under the tranny when you pull the tranny cover, so you don't lose the balls if they fall (mine didn't).
  4. You will probably have to hammer the cover off a bit. Take it easy, and use some soft wood or something to wedge in one side while you hammer on the other to provide some better leverage for you.
  5. Once you think you have the covers dowels disconnected, the input shaft is still probably holding it on. Stick the allen head bolt back in the shaft and give it a few taps to free it from the cover.
  6. Since you didn't remove anything suspension related, you can NOT remove the super long bolt at the lower left corner of the case (its too long to clear the A-arm). Just swivel the case cover on this bolt.
  7. You may have to pry the gear that hangs over the VCU to get it to clear so the VCU cap can come off. At first I was prying on the gear, but Internexus (Sean) realized we can just stick something in the end of that shaft and pry that way.
  8. Don't be too worried about pushing the pins in the VCU cap too far in. You have a long way to go before they'll fall out.
  9. Use some RTV when reassembling.
  10. Tighten everything up evenly when putting the case cover back on!

Let me know if you have any questions. Again, for a full procedure guide, see the two I listed above.

Discussion can be found on the forum at this link