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Note: As of February 13, 2015, John Davis reports that CRS no longer has any transmission parts for the Mitsubishi 3000GT/Stealth and that all parts were returned to Getrag in 2010. If you are aware of a new place to get AWD transmission parts, please update this article.


Below you will find historic information of where to find transmission parts for the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 and Dodge Stealth RT/TT (AWD only). At the moment, this is the latest information the community has, however some members have reported that this information may have changed in recent years. If you have any additional details on where to find parts now, please update this article.

Shift from Getrag America to Component Manufacturing Specialists (CRS)[edit]

Getrag had shifted the remanufacture of its WM5G1 and WM6G1 gearboxes from its Getrag America facility to an outside firm, Component Remanufacturing Specialists, Inc. (CRS). Apparently, Getrag was supplying CRS with the necessary parts to repair these units all along. Therefore, there existed a "well-oiled" mechanism for getting parts out of Germany. Mr. Donnelson stated that CRS was willing to sell parts directly - either to dealerships or to individuals.

This was a win-win situation because CRS has a lot of experience with these parts which resulted in rapid and accurate order fulfillment. I would suggest however, that each of us do our homework before calling CRS so we don't expend too much their time troubleshooting our gearbox problems over the phone. Remote diagnosis is something that they aren't set up for, and may cause them to have seconds thoughts about selling direct.

CRS Contact Information

Component Remanufacturing Specialists, Inc. (CRS)

400 Corporate Drive
Mahwah, New Jersey 07430
Attention: John Davis - Parts Manager
(405) 350-3800 ext. ???

We don't know John's extension number, but you can easily use the name directy and type '328' and he is the only match.

Reminder: while John Davis' contact information remains the same, CRS no longer carries parts for our cars. If you know of a new contact person, please edit this article.

Parts and Prices[edit]

When ordering parts, be sure to have:

  • The model number off the transaxle bell housing
  • The month and year your car was made from the door jam

Knowing these will help ensure that you get the right parts. Some parts are different even if the transaxles were made in the same year.

Both 1st and 2nd have 3 rings each. The blocking ring is the one that mainly wears out, but there may be damage on the others. Or you may want to replace them all as they don't cost too much. 1st and 2nd gear each has its own separate set of rings. The remaining speeds (3rd, 4th, 5th, and reverse) just have one synchro ring each.

Part ID Qty Description Price ($)
C46 1 1st/2nd Outer Ring 31.13
C47 1 1st/2nd Blocking Ring 15.03
C48 1 1st/2nd Inner Ring 23.93
C45 2 1st/2nd Set of Three Rings 70.09
C11 1 3rd/4th Synchro Ring 22.95
C63 1 5th Synchro Ring 65.40
C74 1 Reverse Synchro Ring 68.00
Total: 296.53

There are no actual case gaskets. Case joints are filled with sealant, Mitsubishi part number: MD997740.

Part ID Qty Description Price ($)
B06 1 Output Shaft Seal 10.25
B07 1 Driveshaft Seal, Driver Side 4.60
B31 1 Driveshaft Seal, Passenger Side 4.40
B32 1 Oil Fill Plug 1.18
B33 1 Oil Fill Plug Gasket 0.05
B52 1 Oil Drain Plug 3.08
B53 1 Oil Drain Plug Gasket 0.05
B59 1 Rear Plug (Input Shaft Plug) 1.18
Total: 24.79

The rubber plug in the back is part B59, and it costs $1.18. I don't know what purpose it serves; it's not a drain, filler, or breather. I may be able to figure it out when I pull mine apart. There is a gasket ring shown on the drawing (B60), but CRS doesn't stock it. They say to coat it with Loctite before assembling. I'd replace it because, due to the fact it is rubber, it has likely deteriorated.

Update 8/21/03 from Bret Brinkmann

Order part number B66 (input shaft cap/seal). This is an important seal that you can't reuse because you have to destroy it to remove it.

Qty Description Price ($)
1 1st Gear Itself 49.56
1 2nd Gear Itself 360.58
1 3rd + 4th Gear Kit w/ Synchros 220.32
2 1st + 2nd Gear Kit w/ Synchros * 644.06
1 Output Shaft 326.38
1 Input 0-Ring 1.00
1 Input Front Bearing 50.52
9 Balls 1.62
9 Springs 4.21
6 Keys 86.40
1 5th Gear Synchro Ring 78.48
1 5th Gear Bearing 57.48

* (or 322.03 for each gear ring set)