Suspension: Troubleshoot ECS

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Because the flashing TOUR/SPORT lights are a common problem on a 3S, here are the pages from the manual on how to fix it, without just removing the bulb. The procedures are all laid out in the pages, so I will just list them here, and a description of what can be found on each page. The filename for each page is the actual page number from the manual. I did not include pages that have procedures that can only be done using the scan tool, because most people don't have one. And chances are that if you have a scan tool, you also have the manual.

The best place to start is page 33b12, to see which code the computer is giving you. After that, look at page 33b13 to determine which code you have, determined by the series of long and short sweeps of the voltmeter needle. Then proceed to your troubleshooting diagram for your specific code, pages 33b6 - 33b10.

33b2 Specifications for the ECS

33b3 Specifications for the ECS

33b4 Specifications for the ECS

33b5 Quick Reference for Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting Hints

33b6 Troubleshooting Diagram for Code 11 (G Sensor Defective)

33b7 Troubleshooting Diagram for Code 24 (Vehicle Speed Sensor Open-Circuited)

33b8 Troubleshooting Diagram for Codes 61, 62, 63, 64 (Damping Force Changeover Actuator Defective)(refers to the actuator in the struts)

33b9 Troubleshooting Diagram for "ECS Indicator Light does not switch when ECS switch is operated" and "Anti-dive control only stops"

33b10 Troubleshooting Diagram for "Anti-squat control only stops"

33b12 How to pull the codes using a voltmeter

33b13 List of the codes, and how to read them from the voltmeter

33b17 Actuator Operation Check, including "Actuator Operation Sound Check" and "Damping Force Check"

33b18 ECS Switch Removal, Pinout, and Continuity Test

33b20 Location and Removal of the ECS control unit (computer)

The following are the electrical diagrams of the system. These are particularly helpful for determining the pins for harnesses and such. Because some of the text was very small, I made two pictures of each page, so everything is large enough to read.