Suspension: Ball Joints

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Submitted by user Pile o' VR4

Ball joints are available for this 3/S platform from any auto parts store!

Believe it or not, the 3000GT/Stealth as well as the Diamante use the same ball joint as the Hyundai Sonata and Tiburon.

The application for the 1995-98 Hyundai Sonata, 4-cylinder or v-6 does not matter, nor the Tiburon. I prefer the Sonata for a simple reason; its application calls for the preload spring/bulb at the end of the ball joint whereas the Tuburon does not.

Part numbers are as follows:

Moog K9855 (Sonata) and K9455 (Tiburon)

TRW 104-244

NAPA ATM 1013408

What you are looking for is Moog K9855 or its equivelent. TRW 104-244 is one such equivelent. So is the NAPA ATM 1013408.

This also fits the 94-current Hyundai Tiburons as well. However, They do not have the preloaded spring underneath the ball socket along with the accompanying "bulb" at the end of the joint itself. That joint is p/n Moog k9455. Either one fits. Use the k9855 unit or its equivelent instead of the k9455 in my opinion.

Many other manufacturers exist for these applications. Please do your own research before ultimately purchasing.