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May 2007 - Ride of the Month 3000GT/Stealth International

1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 / GTO TT

3SI Member #1856


  • '99 Carbon Fiber Wing
  • OEM '99 Rear Panel
  • JDM GTO Tail Lights
  • Bomex Front Lip
  • OEM VR4 Badges on Sail Panels
  • No Fat Chicks- Sticker on Rear Window ;)

Suspension and Wheels:

  • Volk Racing AV3 Racing Wheels (Size: 18X9.0, OF: 45, PCD: 114.3)
  • BFGoodrich T/A KDW2 (265/35/18)
  • Intrax Lowering Springs
  • TEC Strut Tower Bar - Silver
  • Stillen Performance Cross-Drilled Rotors
  • Stillen Performance Brake Pads
Volk Racing AV3 Racing Wheels


  • GT-Pro/Split Second ARC-2 Fuel Computer
  • Kenne Bell BOOST-A-PUMP
  • Mirage Corp. Hybrid Datalogger
  • HKS EVC 5 v.2 kPa - Boost Controller
  • AutoPage RS-850 lcd (Professional Remote Car Starter with Alarm System and 2 way LCD communication system.)


  • Dual guage pod
Engine Bay


  • DR650R Turbos
  • Denso Supra Fuel Pump
  • Fuel Pump Hotwired Kit
  • Fuel Pump relay By-Pass
  • Denso 720cc Fuel Injectors
  • GT-Pro/Split Second ARC-2 Fuel Computer / MAF & Intake Kit
  • RPS Max-Series Clutch (6 puck) - new only 2k on it
  • RPS Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel - new only 2k on it
  • Unorthodox Underdrive Crank Pulley
  • Ross Pistons
  • NGK Copper Spark Plugs
  • Magnacore R-100 Racing Ignition Cables (10mm)
  • DN Performance Polish Intercooler Pipes
  • Custome Exhaust (ATR Performance Exhaust (single shot) with bullet muffler)
  • ATR 3" Stainless Steel Downpipe
  • 3" Test Pipe
  • Gutted Pre-Cats
  • OEM '99 Lifters
  • EGR Block-off Plates
  • Vac Line Reduction
  • Fuel Labs FPR (not installed but since I'm replacing my alternator it will go in then)
  • SX Performance HiFlow fuel filter (not installed but same as the FPR)
  • Auto Meter Fuel Pressure Gauge (not installed but same as FPR)
  • Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Lines
  • Polish Plenum
  • Polish Rear Valve Cover
  • Polish Front Valve Cover
  • Polish Front Fuel Rail
  • AAM GTO Polish Spark Plug Cover
  • 3SX Custom Engine Dressup Hose Kit
  • 3SX 6-Piece Polished Stainless Steel Cover Kit
  • 3SX TT Reservoir Cap Cover Kit



My Story:

1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 / GTO TT

I dont even know where to start. I always wanted a 3000GT VR4. Ever since I can remember. I first got my change to drive one in Gran Turismo; LOL like many other members, and been hooked ever since. LOL

On my last year of college, I had saved up the money to get the car of my dreams, ok not really cuz thats still a Jaguar XJ220 hahaha, the second... ok fifth car of my dreams lol, and I when on a long long search for the right car. After many pieces of junk, I finally found her... a 1994 VR4 (20K asking price). it was BPU and I must say, the Volk AV3s sold me... hahaha. I told the guy I would give him 17K right there and there... but he said no and told me he had other people coming to see her... I sadly when back home... A month later... The phone rings and its the guy wanting to know if I still wanted the car. He still wanted 20, but i told him for 18 I would be there tomorrow... hahaha and so thats how I came to have my car... (short, short version)

Anyway, I been on 3SI since 2002, but I dont think I had register until later on... Sorry I lost too much time on hahaha. But ever since the switch, i never been happier. Over the years I have meet so many great people... many, which I can prodly called them friends.

My car is a working progress, like many of yours... And it has seem many hard times, from my engine rebuild (blown pistons), to dead turbos, accidents, and even a break-in that cost me about 5 thousand dollars worth of parts and tools. Ever since then, I been trying to bring back my baby to its glory... 437 awhp and 464 ft-tq. Its getting there but with the purchase of my new home, its been a little harder. Anyway, I hope to make it into the ride of the month... It would be a great honor for myself and my car... Thanks in advance for your votes.