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6 Disk[edit]

If the factory Infinity 6-disk changer recognizes CDs but does not spin them up (track 00 appears on the display), then the spindle motor likely needs to be replaced. Part CXM1053 DC MOTOR(SPINDLE) can be ordered from Pioneer for $36.44 plus shipping (as of 17 May 2006). It is the round part with one yellow wire and one black wire in the picture below:

Cd changer.jpg

Unbolt the changer from the vehicle, remove the cover, separate the center chassis from the frame in which it is suspended, remove the circuit board (disconnect plugs), unscrew the spring-loaded bracket and pull the cd spindle to get at the motor wheel, which slides off. Unsolder the leads, replace the motor, resolder the leads, reassemble and enjoy!

Thread reference: Factory HU and Changer - Not reading CDs?

--bjmsam 01:50, 8 December 2007 (MST)