SRS: Troubleshoot SRS Dash Light

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Chances are, if you’ve owned a 3000GT/Stealth for over a year you’ve probably seen this indicator light. What is it, you ask? The Supplemental Restraint System (or SRS) is the system that controls your airbags. Unfortunately, there are MANY things that trigger this annoying light, and making it go away can cause plenty of headaches.

Things that can cause the SRS light to turn on include:

  • Letting battery drain too low
  • Bad Sensor
  • Blown fuse
  • Unplugging the car’s battery
  • Removing the gauge cluster/installing aftermarket gauges
  • G-Force sensors that are under each of the front fenders ($250.00 each)
  • Bad clockspring (located inside your steering wheel)
  • Bad ECU
  • Bad reverse light switch on transmission
  • Car was in an accident
  • Airbag defective/unplugged

To fix this problem, some have gone to the dealership to have the SRS computer reset. Unfortunately, this costs somewhere around $70.00. Another option is to invest in a DRBII or MUTTII, which is what dealerships often use to diagnose and reset many of the car’s systems. To read about this, check John Monnin’s post and this site You may be able to find these on ebay.

Other people have also successfully been able to make the SRS light go away by turning their key on and off 10 or so times. (not starting the car, just turning on/off the accessories).

You can also attempt to unplug your battery for awhile. This has worked for a select few.

Or, if all else fails, you can simply pull the bulb. That seems to be what most of us do.