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March 2005 - Ride of the Month 3000GT/Stealth International

1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT Base

ROTM April Fools Edition

3SI Member #1331


  • Test pipe from testpipetech: approx. $50
  • Yokohama YK420 Tires: approx. $500 installed
  • Viper Alarm: approx. $275 installed
  • OBX exhaust: approx. $350 installed
  • Stripped of resonators: approx. $50 installed
  • Shoulder pads: approx. $25
  • APR GT2 wing: paint/body work and install approx. $1500
  • Windows tinted: front - 35% / back - 5% approx. $250
  • Auto Meter 5" Monster Tach with shift light: approx. $200 installed
  • Matrix Cold Air Induction: approx. $75 installed
  • Eibach lowering springs: approx. $500 installed
  • Hood scoops: painted and installed approx. $200
  • Chrome fire extinguisher: approx. $50 installed
  • Nitrous Oxide kit from ZEX innovations: approx. $1000 installed
  • Vinyl decals: approx. $150 installed

My Story

I bought myself a 1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT; I got it on October 11, 2001(sort of an early birthday present to myself!!). It is Solano Black and has the following options: Tan leather interior, Infinity premium sound system with both CD/cassette, chrome wheels, 5 speed standard transmission, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, and fog lights. I love driving this car. It has the 3.0 liter SOHC V-6 engine. The word on the street is that it makes 164 hp stock, but I like to keep that secret. I talk with a friend who works at a tuner shop, and he gives me tips and suggestions. I always go in there and ask questions and learn all sorts of good stuff.

I ordered a race only catalytic converter, called a test pipe". It adds up to 20 hp, up to 15 lb-ft, and 2.1 mpg. I can't say for sure how much the numbers changed, but I can tell that there is a performance difference.

I finally installed a Viper alarm system, since I know all the boyz want to peep my ride. I ended up with the Viper 300ESP. I didn't have a remote trunk release and the car has a standard transmission, so I couldn't get auto start, so I didn't need all the extra buttons that the 500ESP had. So I'm happy with what I got. A new toy to play with!! I’m thinking about using the extra buttons to turn on my underbody neon’s for shows.

I just bought an OBX Racing muffler. It looks great, I love how the tips curves back in, but the inside diameter isn't changing, which means it will keep its full megaphone effect. I wish it were louder still. I wanted serious sound to come out of this system. But I guess I take what I get. It still is 100 times better looking and sounding then the original stock set-up. Since I took off the original exhaust and installed the OBX Racing Muffler, I decided that I still wanted it louder, so I needed to take off the resonators. There were 2 resonators right in a row that were quieting the system too much. So I went back to my muffler guy and had him eliminate the resonators. This made a drastic difference on the sound of the car. Essentially, now I have a total fabricated exhaust system with only the OBX Racing Muffler on it. Everything else under the car is pure straight pipe!!! I definitely notice more power too. I'd be interested in dyno testing the car to see what kind of horsepower the car will do now. I’m getting I gained at least 50hp just from the exhaust!

I bought a set of Maruta Design R Shoulder Pads. They say "MITSUBISHI Super Racing" on them. They look pretty cool. Supposedly, it is suppose to be more comfortable when extreme braking is being used, like when you’re running on a track. I figure the massive brakes on this car would hurt my shoulders, so I bought these for those highway stops

I finally added my APR GT2 wing. It is everything I hoped it would be. It is "IN YOUR FACE" big!! It is everything BUT subtle. I don't know what else to say other then this thing is behemoth. To get this same set-up on another car would cost about $1500, with wing, hardware, installation, paint and body work all together. I know all the peeps want my wing now, cuz every Honda that pulls up on me revs, but none want to race cuz they know I’m modded with the wing and the big muffler out back.

Just installed an Autometer Autogauge 5" Monster Tach with a Shift light. I installed it myself with the help of a friend. It wasn't that hard, just 4 wires are all: ground, ignition, lights, and coil. Looks real mean sitting up there. Mounted it clear as day right on the dash. This doesn't really fall into the "subtle" category either. Well it sure does get the looks. I've noticed that more and more people will pull up next to me and rev their engines a little bit and want to me race them. I think the bigger tach also gives me that “Supra” look from Fast & Furious, and it helps me with my shifts when I’m racing cuz I go through the gears lightning fast.

Installed a cold air induction conical filter. I used a Matrix conical filter. I believe they are a subsidiary of K&N because it looks exactly like it, but only cost 1/2. You can hear it sucking in the air when you increase the throttle. I'm not sure what kind of horsepower gain there is, maybe 20-30 hp gain. It makes the engine bay look cleaner too though.

I finally bought my Eibach Springs. I went with the Pro-Kit so that I wouldn't have to camber the wheels. The final stance of the car is greatly improved. There was originally way too much wheel gap. About 4" on each tire. This dropped the rears to about 3" and the fronts are probably about 2.5". I'm definitely impressed with how the Eibach springs perform as well. I can greatly notice less body roll through hard corners. I love taking entrances and exits fast on the interstate. I even out cornered a Ferrari one time, and just laughed because his car can’t handle as good as mine with just springs, and his is like 10X the price of my car.

I saw another car online with these wicked hood scoops and I had to have them. Hardly anybody makes aftermarket stuff for my 3000. I've never seen any aftermarket hoods, so this is as close as I can get to having a wild hood. I was a little concerned whether they'd actually stick to the hood, but they've held on. I think they look great on there. I get all sorts of looks now. I think that between the hood scoops and the wing, people even want to mess with me anymore, cuz they know I’m serious fast now.

I’m always looking for cool stuff that I don't have yet. My boy will call me and give me some heads up on some specials he gets. He called and said hey, I can get these chrome fire extinguishers for pretty cheap, you want one??? I said of course I do. So we installed it the same day I put on my hood scoops. Adam again has totally hooked me up with a super deal. I just installed a nitrous oxide system on my car. It looks totally awesome on there. I got it mostly for show, but it is a lot of fun to play with on the street. I also got the purge kit with it. So I can purge the lines anytime I want. I love doing this at stoplights when people are looking at my car. The car already gets attention everywhere I go, but now when you blow the snow cloud out it looks pretty impressive. I love it!! I'll purge it for the hotties in the car next to me or if some Mustang or Camaro pulls up next to me, I gotta put on a little show for them!! We have neatly installed both the activation switch and the purge button on my center console. They look like they were made to be there.

I had to add something to spice up the paint. I didn't want to pay for an expensive custom paint job though. I found a sweet set of dragon graphics for the side of the car. They go on there really easy and they turned out mad tyte. They are vinyl, but they make my car look like a real race car.

To put some finishing touches on the car, I went to a Mitsu dealer and bought an OEM replacement badge that said "VR-4". With all my mods I bet I can take a VR-4 in a race.

April Fools!