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Where can I buy the 3000GT/Stealth Service/Owner's Manual?[edit]

You can buy both the owners manual and service manuals from books4cars

Note that the Dodge Stealth versions appear to be significantly cheaper than the Mitsubishi 3000GT versions ($80 vs $240 as of July 2006)

A service manual should be considered an absolute necessity for a 3/S owner, even if you don't do your own work. The cars are complex enough to require more than just obvious mechanical know-how to troubleshoot many problems, and the cars are old enough that many dealers etc have thrown out their copies of the manuals; instead, they rely on electronic copies through services like Mitchell, etc, that often are incomplete or incorrect.

Having your own copies of the service manual means you can keep it in the car for the use of whoever is actually turning the wrenches.

Reproduction OEM manuals can be purchased at the following location that was discovered by dwd58

Bishko automotive Literature
445 s. college St.
Piqua, Ohio 45356
Phone number = 800-544-3312
E-mail = [email protected]
Bishko Books, Shop Manuals, Owners Manuals, Parts Books & Sales Brochures