RTMAN619 (Erik Richey)

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1991 Dodge Stealth RT/TT


  • Bomex Body Kit fabricated for RT Head and Tail lights
  • SL Spoiler

Suspension and Wheels:

  • Eibach Lowering Springs
  • KYB Struts
  • TSW 17" Rims
  • Bridgestone Petenza 245/45/ZR17


  • Greddi E-01 Boost Controller
  • Innovative WB02, LC-1 with DB Red Gage
  • Maf-T with Z06 MAF $ K&N Filter
  • HKS turbo timer
  • Greddi Boost Gage


  • Catskinz leather seats
  • 2 Gage Pillar pod
  • New Carpet


  • IPS/Merkel Racing Stage II Shortblock (on the way)
  • Dark Enhancement Ported/Polished Heads. 1mm Oversized Intake and Exhaust. Ferra Valves w/ Dual Titanium Springs/Titanium Retainers.
  • DR Race Cams
  • Ported Exhaust Manifolds (Dark Enhancement)
  • PTE 680cc Injectors
  • Rob Beck 13T's w/ hotside port/polish and Billet Adjustable Waistgates
  • EK2 Fuel Loop
  • Fidanza Cam Gears
  • Fidanze Lightened Flywheel
  • SPEC Stage 3 Clutch
  • Walboro 255LPH fuel pump with Hotwire kit.
  • Vacuum line reduction.
  • Dejon Intake Runners.
  • FMIC with PPE piping.
  • Blitz Super Sound Blow-off Valve.
  • Extreme Motorsports Turbo-back 3" exhaust. (How many people still have that Exhaust?)
  • Powder coating - Plenum, Valve covers, Coolant Distribution Manifold, Intake Runners and FMIC piping
  • Ceramic-coated exhaust manifolds.


  • Panisonic unit with MTX speakers

My story:

At 19 years old I bought this car from my room mate. He decided he wanted a vette, so he sold it to me for what he owed, which was 4 grand less that private party value. After having the car for a little over a year, the insurance company decided that a 20 year old kid shouldn't only be paying $120 insurance on this machine, so them they raised my rates to almost $400 a month. I am in the military and at that point I didn't make very much, and as much as I hated to do it, I decided to sell it. Luckily, I had let my dad drive it a few times and he decided to buy it from me. A couple years later, when I was transferring back to SC, my dad asked me if I wanted it back, so I took him up on it. He still owed me some money from when he bought it, so he was just going to give it back to me to sqaure up everything. It had 164k miles at this point and I was planning on rebuilding it as soon as I got a house. Since I didn't have a vehicle to tow it at the time, I left it at his house and when my dad went on vacation, somebody decided to take it for a joy ride. Long story short, I picked the car up with no clue what was wrong with it, to find out that the only thing good was the Heads, and that was after replacing the valves that were mangled. Number 1 and 2 pistons were in pieces in the oil pan, the cast crank was now two pieces and something decided it didn't want to stay in the oil pan, and knocked a 2" x 1/4" gash through it. So Christmas day 2003, the motor came out, and after buying parts and saving, it went to 3SX October 2007 (only 4 years later) for a final once over and Dyno Tune. The Dyno went down and I had to drag it back to Virginia only being able to idle, roughly. I went on deployment, and called 3SX 2 days after being home to find out when I could drop it off. I Dropped it off and about a month later, after changing my tuner and fixing a few little things, they checked the compression to find out my front bank were all at about 110 psi. This time I wasn't going to mess around with local shops, so I ordered a IPS/Merkel Racing shortblock and now I wait for the day I get the call from them that it's on it's way. Owe to dream to be able to submit for the ROTM...