Maintenance: OEM parts to Supplier Conversion List

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The following is a list of after market parts that look very similar to the ones labeled OEM. It is up to the discretion of the reader to determine if they are truly the same. There are no guarantees that this list is up to date or accurate. Please feel free to update the list with new conversions. As a courtesy please notify the author if removing any entries. Because the same part can be sold under various names, please add them as they are found, but don't remove someone else's entry, unless you know for sure it is wrong.

Note, even if the parts seem very similar, the list is no guarantee, that the aftermarket parts have the MITSUBISHI stamp of approval.

Hopefully all aftermarket parts are somewhat similar, Please do not include parts that have any signs that they are different from the OEM parts.

Things to look for:

  • Identifying labels in castings
  • Tooling marks
  • Materials seem to be the same
  • Non essential geometry features all appear to be the same

Part Name OEM Number Aftermarket Name Aftermarket Part Number Applications
Engine Timing Belt Tensioner Adjuster MD319040 Beck Arnley 024-1205 All model of Stealth and 3000GT, and 1994-1996 Montero
DOHC Engine Head Gasket MD199239 Fel-Pro Part 26186PT All DOHC engine Stealth and 3000GT.
DOHC Water Pump MD972005 AISIN WPM-030 All DOHC 3000gt and Stealth