Litljenarey (Jenny Brannon)

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1992 Dodge Stealth Base
White (Porn Panda)

Ride of the Month Submission 3000GT/Stealth International January 2007

3SI Member #3142


  • BRG 2006 Highest Mileage Award


  • Porno red
  • New dash vents


  • K&N filter
  • 235K miles

My story:

I have loved the 3s platform for a long time and always wanted to have one. The Porn Panda and I came together by fate in the May of 2005. She was close to destruction, she had been abused and discarded. I happened to drive by and see her sitting in the back of a scummy little buy here, pay here lot. I couldn't see a 3s die like that, so I bought her. We all know, you cannot kill a SOHC. She has 235K miles on her. Still running strong. Shes been pushed to the extreme and keeps on fighting the good fight. She has never missed a gathering, never left me stranded, and she still gets looks. Her modifications are few, but her memories are many. Since the Dealthsled won January ROTM last year. This year we should try to keep up the tradition. Show some love for the SOHC.