Japanese Super Car Ratios (NA to Turbo)

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Every time I see a post about "why is the 3S so cheap compared to..." the same answers come up. The 3000GT/Stealth was produced in much greater numbers then any other of the so called 90's Japanese Supercars. Also the ratio of non-turbo cars to turbo cars was much greater then the other cars.

All of these ratios are NA:Turbo. The numbers are from production numbers I found posted on the internet.

Vehicle NA:Turbo Ratio Total Production Notes
300ZX (Z32) 3.66:1 89,156 Convertibles not included
Supra (MKIV) 0.61:1 11,239 There are fewer NAs than Turbos
RX7 (FD3S) 0:1 13,879 All turbo
3000GT 4.25:1 86,151 Includes Spyders
Stealth 4.32:1 65,303
Stealth & 3000GT 4.27:1 151,454 Combined