Interior: Dashboard Lights

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Left Bank[edit]

  1. Door-ajar warning light.
  2. Oil pressure warning light.
  3. Check engine.
  4. Tour/Sport mode for the ECS (if so equipped).
  5. Security indicator for alarm (if so equipped).

Center Bank[edit]

Left Half Right Half
1a. 4-wheel steering oil level (if so equipped). 1b. Brake warning light.
2a. Anti-lock brake (if so equipped). 2b. Active exhaust indicator (if so equippeed).
3a. Cruise control indicator(if so equipped). 3b. Cruise control ON indicator (if so equipped).
4a. Charging system (battery). 4b. High-beam indicator.

Right Bank[edit]

  1. Blank/unused.
  2. Seatbelt.
  3. Washer fluid (remember there are 2 reseviours, one in the engine bay and one in the trunk).
  4. Supplemental restraint system (SRS)(airbag).
  5. 5a. Left half: Active AERO system (if so equipped).
    5b. Right half: Engine coolant level.