Iceman II (Scott Humpert)

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July 2007 - Ride of the Month 3000GT/Stealth International

1993 Dodge Stealth RT/TT
New Tucker Orange

Engine Internals:

  • Bored .050" over
  • 2mm oversized supertech nitrided exhaust valves
  • 1mm oversized supertech nitrided intake valves
  • 3SX racing valve springs
  • Third gen lash adjusters
  • Webb racing cams
  • Venolia forged pistons
  • Pauter rods
  • ARP head and main studs
  • Ported and polished heads (Morgan Motorsports Stage XXX)
  • Ceramic coated piston faces
  • Ceramic coated combustion chambers and valve faces
  • Ceramic epoxy coated exhause ports
  • Ceramic epoxy coated intake ports
  • TFL coated piston skirts
  • TFL coated bearings

Engine bolt on:

  • 3SX lightweight crank pulley
  • Canton Oil Filter with replaceable elements
  • Ported and polished manifolds
  • Ported intake plenum


  • GTPro 368s
  • GTPro Front Mount intercooler with 2" IC piping
  • K&N filter with custom hard piped intake
  • Tial 50mm BOV
  • Titan bending front manifold (with ceramic coating)
  • Ceramic coated rear manifold
  • High flow catalytic converters
  • ATR down pipe
  • ATR Single-shot catback


  • Supra Fuel Pump
  • DR Fuel Pump hotwire
  • PTO 780cc injectors
  • Aeromotive FPR
  • SX Fuel filter
  • Parallel AN6 fuel feed and return lines
  • EK2 fuel rails


  • AEM with MAP & IAT sensors
  • AEM UEGO wideband
  • MSD Dis-4
  • Morgan's Motorsport's Coil on Plug ignition
  • Blitz DSBC
  • Greddy turbo timer
  • Defilink BF gauges, boost, temp, oil pressure, and fuel pressure
  • Sony CDX-MP40 head unit

Drive train and Suspension:

  • 300M output shaft
  • Southbend Clutch DXD-F (coming out shortly)
  • Custom Southbend Clutch pressure plate (coming out shortly)
  • Unorthodox lightweight flywheel
  • Stainless steel braided brake lines
  • Second Gen Brakes W/Motul brake fluid
  • Crossdrilled and slotted rotors
  • K-Sport dual cylinder coil-overs
  • 5-Zigen FN-01 wheels
  • Sumitomo HTR-Z 245/45R17


  • Oil cooler with fan.
  • Dual pass aluminum radiator with hard pipes
  • Custom fabricated radiator fan shroud
  • Coolant catch can upgrade

Eliminated things:

  • Charcoal canister elimination
  • EGR Elimination
  • Vacuum hose reduction
  • Vacuum accumulator elimination
  • Oil Squirter elimination


  • N/A Seats for weight reduction
  • Custom interior by with custom Ram/three diamond logo


  • Custom Dupont pearl "New Tucker Orange" paint
  • Custom blocked off passenger side rear bumper cut (see picture)
  • 99 Front Bumper with custom inserts to fit pop-ups
  • Vital Velocity 96 Super-banana
  • Late Night Customs LED tail lights (see picture)
  • Deft Racing 575 FG hood
  • Aerocatch hood pins
  • Debadged/shaved

On the shelf waiting to be installed:

  • Horsepower Freaks Bronze friction disk
  • RPS Max Pressure plate
  • Fidanza adjustable cam gears (to fix my pesky little compression issue)
  • Kevlar Timing belt

My Story

The pumpkin started out life as a fleet vehicle in Detroit according to carfax, I can only imagine that it was a company car for a Dodge execuitive. Three owners later, the Gentleman who had sold it to me had been T-Boned, and did not have other than Liability Insurance. So he got a couple of estimates, and deducted the value of the repairs from the "Book Value" of the car. Since the engine was in great shape and all the damage was cosmetic, I figured I could buy it, and using my own skills as well as a few contacts, I could get her back on the road for far less than book.

I bought a black door, blue fender, and green mirror from Kevin Williams at, I picked up a red side skirt on Ebay, and I bought a new A-piller from Libertyville Mitsubishi. When it was done with the major body work, the car was red, black, blue and green, the Chicago crew took to affectionately calling her "the crayonbox".

Jump forward one paint job, two engine rebuilds, and three years, and what you see is the end result, if you are so inclined, I have the whole "saga" spelled out in 5 pages of rantings and lamentations for the past year or so. As you can see from the pics, I am not big into bling, and I am a firm believer that "Chrome don't get you home" so i opted for the whole crinkle black and brushed aluminum motif under the hood. The pumpkin was never meant to be a trailer queen show car, but in my humble opinion, she turned out looking pretty OK

I have to give the following shout-outs to people who helped to get the pumpkin into the state she is in today:

  • Von Morgan of Morgan's Motorsports - 'nough said
  • Ron Cook - Libertyville Mitsubishi
  • Grayson Lough and Mark Gunter for being there
  • Tony Clark - Advanced Auto Body
  • Chris "Existenz" - for taking OUTSTANDING photos!

Thank you to all of them for all of the help through the years, and thank you for taking the time to read this much shortened version of the pumpkin's story.