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February 2010 - Ride of the Month 3000GT/Stealth International

1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4

Engine Power:

  • Titan Bending TD05 kit
  • MHI EVO3 16G turbos
  • Turbonetics dual-port WG actuators
  • ATR downpipe (customized)
  • ICH Yogurt! 4" exhaust with HKS Supra Carbon-Ti muffler
  • Boostaddict custom FMIC w/ 4" core
  • LSE Performance 272 cams w/ high rev springs
side view

Engine Other:

  • Maximal solid engine mounts
  • Supercar Engineering high-capacity oil pan
  • Ishihara-Johnson windage tray
  • Boostaddict prototype tool steel oil pump gears
  • JVTR radiator
  • SPAL/FAL slim fans
  • Samco coolant hoses
  • TRD Radiator Cap
  • Spoon Sports S2000 Thermostat
  • Setrab 40-row (11" x 13.25" x 1.75") front oil cooler
  • TiAl 50mm BOV
  • MSD wires/NGK V-power 8-range plugs
  • Broomfield spark plug plate
  • Dry cell motorcycle battery
I get in pretty easily for a fat guy


  • South Bend DXD-F clutch
  • PO-Machine bellhousing reinforcement
  • PST carbon driveshaft


  • Dual Walbro pumps
  • -10AN to dual -6AN fuel lines
  • Aeromotive fuel filter
  • EK2 Development fuel rails
  • FIC 1150cc injectors (upsized PTE 1000cc)
  • Aeromotive FPR


  • Megan Racing coilovers
  • Maximal rear control arms
  • FN01R-C matte black wheels 17x10
  • TOYO RA-1 or R888 slicks, 275-40-17
  • Falken RT-615 street tires, 275-40-17
  • Carbotech XP8/Panther plus pads
  • Goodridge SUS brake lines, speed bleeders


  • Deft Racing carbon hood
  • Road/Race Engineering hood scoop
  • MadMattsAuto roof plug
  • APR carbon side mirrors
  • Ciro Design X-Prepared wing w/ CDR uprights
  • OMP FIA-spec tow hooks
  • Sawzall front bumper
  • Fomex front lip
  • JDM taillights, Roo-banger GTO garnish


  • AEM EMS in speed density
  • AEM boost control
  • AEM UEGO wideband
  • SPA Design-UK oil/water/fuel gauges
  • Defi 115mm monster boost gauge


  • Izzys custom cages NASA TT spec
  • I/O port window nets
  • Schroth right head net
  • Longacre panoramic mirror
  • Sparco EVO2 Seat
  • Sparco 6pt harnesses
  • Ebay special steering wheel w/ MOMO hub
  • Supermac prototype tall shifter w/ brass bushings
  • Mad JDM Tyte shift knob

Other deletes:

  • Morgans Motorsports wire tuck
  • Cruise control (*GT short throttle cable)
  • F/R windshield squirters
  • Rear wiper
  • Cruise control
  • A/C (incl. fusebox)
  • HVAC system (incl. heater)
  • All stereo equipment
  • Fog lights
  • Active aero
  • Horns
  • Shifter counterweight
  • Rear seats and all OEM belts
  • All interior panels (dash, door panels, trunk)
  • spare and jack

Current Weight: 3172 lbs before rollcage, 3340 lbs after

My Story:

I originally knew DaveSlow from high school and we worked together his and some other guys' cars when we'd come home for break during college. Shortly after graduating he told me about a great deal from this guy on the board, RoVR4. If you went to the early NG's up to NG05, you might remember the license plate "GOPIGGO". It was the typical wife-wants-it gone thing. Within a week I picked up this well modded 15G car for just 8.5k, hell of a steal.

I started with stripping out the back seat because they were inaccessible because of the harnesses Ro had put in. At the time the radio didn't work because I didn't have the unlock code, so I bought a replacement head unit from ebay. When I got ripped off, I got pissed and decided that the car no longer deserved a radio and immediately ripped out the rear side panels. Perfectly logical, right? Well if those panels are missing, you might as well take out the head liner because my head rubs the roof when I have a helmet on... and so the strip out started in anger. It was the same way with the engine bay. The cruise control got stuck while the throttle was at WOT one time, and I decided then and there that it had to go. The list went on for quite a while after that.

As you can tell from my mod-list, I have a no-nonsense approach to how I wanted to build the car. My first few times out on the track after buying the car I managed to almost peg the temperature gauge to the top, which was pretty scary. I eventually scored a bunch of rare/custom parts from Wayne (Boostaddict). I'd say I have a bit of a paranoia about keeping the cooling/lube systems working in top condition, and the bumper cut is an important piece of that puzzle. At the last NG where it was 95-100 degrees out, on track my oil temperatures peaked around 220 degrees and water temperatures peaked around 200 degrees. Cruising around my oil/water temps rarely go above 175/160. Every mod on the car has been put there for a reason... usually.


Warmup lap at Blackhawk Farms VIDEO