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3SWiki provides free hosting for all 3S-related images and files. In order to take advantage of this, all you need to do is Create a Free Account. After you have an account, you can upload unlimited photos to use in articles here on 3SWiki, and/or to use elsewhere on the web.

Uploading a New Image[edit]

To upload a new image, you must first have an image to upload. Most file formats are accepted (.jpg, .png, and .gif's), and no Photoshop skills are required. Simply unload the images from your camera, give the files a meaningful name (e.g. Show_Killers_Engine_Bay_1.jpg and Show_Killers_Engine_Bay_2.jpg), and then visit the Upload a File Page.

3SWiki Upload Guide 1.png

Click on the "Choose File" to navigate your computer for where you saved your image. Once you select it and hit OK, it should fill in the name of the image for you (based on what you named your file).

3SWiki Upload Guide 2.png

In this section of the upload form, you can add a short description of what the image is of.

Lastly, you can select to 'Watch' this image for any changes made to it by other members (if they upload an alternate copy of the same photo, for example). You can also select to ignore any warnings, as the wiki will try to warn you if you're uploading an image that someone else has already uploaded.

3SWiki Upload Guide 3.png

Once you have all of your options selected, simply hit the 3SWiki Upload Guide 4.png (submit button).

Using Your Image[edit]

Once your photo is finished uploading, you will be redirect to its info page. The web address of the info page will look something like:

The bold text is the link you will use to embed the image in your article. The quick and simple way to do this is to edit your article, and insert the following text (with brackets):


Of course, if you want to get more advanced and change the size/location of the image, please check out the Embedding Images Tutorial.