Gray Haze (Grayson Lough)

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June 2006 - Ride of the Month 3000GT/Stealth International

1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4
Sandstone Gray

3SI Member #2092



  • 3KGT Concepts Stainless Steel Braided Oil/Coolant Turbo lines
  • 3KGT Concepts Dome Light Pod
  • 3SX Crank Pulley
  • 3SX Front strut bar
  • AEM Uego Gauge
  • Aeromotive AFPR
  • Blitz DSBC Spec R
  • Cusco Rear strut bar
  • Dejon Tool Twin Intake Pipes
  • Eibach Springs
  • EK2 Exo-Cage Transfercase Bracket
  • EK2 Billet Big Bore Fuel Rails
  • EarlsAN6 Fuel Line Upgrade
  • Greddy Electronic Boost Gauge
  • Greddy Type RS BOV
  • Greddy P/H/W Silver EGT
  • Greddy E-Manage w/ Timing/Injector harnesses
  • GTPro GT-368SX Turbos (T3 Super 60/TE04H Turbine)
  • GTPro Front Mount Intercooler
  • High Temp SiliconeSilicone Host Kit
  • HKS Super Drager Cat Back
  • HKS Turbo Timer(black)
  • HKS Vein Pressure Converter
  • K&N Air Filters
  • Kormex 25 Spline Output Shaft
  • Maximal Performance Solid Motormounts
  • MSD Super Conductor Plug wires
  • NGK R5672A-9 plugs @ .026
  • Power Enterprises Kevlar Timing Belt
  • Precision Turbo & Engine 780CC Injectors
  • RPS Carbon/Carbon Twin Disk
  • Summit Voltage Gauge
  • SX Fuel filter w/ Metal Filter
  • Walbro 255 fuel pump


  • Custom Downpipe/Test pipe
  • EGR Removal/Vac Reduction
  • Custom Short Shifter
  • PCV System Bypass
  • Recent Engine Overhaul
  • New OEM Driveshaft
  • New OEM Electronic Struts
  • New OEM 99 Lifters
  • New OEM PTU/Coils
  • Pre Production GTO Intake Manifold


  • 1999 front end
  • 1999 sail panels
  • 1999 rear bumper
  • 1999 side skirts
  • GTO Side Markers
  • GTO Tail lights
  • GTO Garnish/Badges
  • Enkei Bortex 18x9 wrapped Kumho Ecsta Supra 712 265/35/18
  • Engine bay wiring reloomed in Red
  • Alot of stock components removed from firewall for cleanup


  • 200lbs of Dynamat
  • Pioneer 7300
  • Pioneer 12 Disk Changer
  • Infinity Reference 6.5"
  • Apline Type R 6x9"
  • JBL 601.1D Monoblock
  • 2x 300x2 amps
  • Alpine Type R 12"
  • 3KGT Concepts Box

My Story

My 1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 was Purchased October of 2002. I bought it from LA Motorcars whom deals mainly with RX7's and Supras. It had a rebuilt transmission, new tires, new brake pads, and the interior was in perfect condition. Paid about book price for the car with 84K Mi. Within that month my rear turbo failed, which was soon replaced, and a Blitz DSBC was added too. Christmas came around, In which I installed a a Downpipe, BOV, Intake, and Y pipe. Needless to say, the boost bug bit me and its STILL going strong.

The Haze has gone a best of 11.62 @ 122 MPH in the 1/4 mile. This was about 2 years ago, and since then ALOT of major changes were made. The car has gone the past 2 years on 15Gs, 550s(650's somewhere in there), and all the other supporting mods as well, but is recently undergone a major changes. It started with a Motorsports Sponsorship from GTPro Performance Tuning, Thanks Brian and Denis! Shortly after installing 368s, I encountered some issues with HKS VPC, Leading to blowing the engine, in which the car is currently being torn down. Currently plans are calling for a built engine, td05 manifolds, EvoIII Big 16Gs, Alot of nitrous. The future holds some very nasty plans for this car, and hopefully they are realized and completed before june of 2007.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me out on this project, I only hope that it is back up and running soon enough.