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November 2010 - Ride of the Month 3000GT/Stealth International

1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4


  • VIS carbon fiber hood
  • Aerocatch locking hood latches
  • Shaved spoiler
  • shaved rear wiper
  • shaved power antenna
  • custom jet black paint
  • custom sponsor decals

Suspension and wheels:

  • KYB struts
  • Tien lowering springs
  • Rayz R74 18" wheels
  • BFG G-Force KDW tires, 245 in front, 275 in rear

Electronics/ Audio:

  • Blitz dual turbo timer
  • JVC head unit
  • Kenwood door speakers
  • 3SX laptop datalogger


  • Black carpet kit
  • full charcoal interior conversion (came stock tan)
  • Custom made short shifter
  • Gutted back seat and cargo area


  • Solid motor mounts
  • Walbro 255 fuel pump with hot wire kit
  • MBC
  • CX racing tubular manifolds
  • Gutted pre-cats
  • 3SX downpipe
  • 3SX test pipe
  • IPS 3" Single shot exhaust
  • HKS carbon TI muffler
  • K&N intake
  • Dejon pre-turbo pipes
  • 3SX intake y-pipe
  • GReddy RS BOV
  • 3SX EGR block off plates
  • 3SX underdrive pulley


My Story:

This story starts when I was 16. My mom, sister, and I took a vacation down to Florida. We would be staying at my moms friends house. My mom told me that her friend had a son around 20 years old so I would have someone to hang out with. After a 2 day drive we arrived. After un-packing my bags my mom tells me to take a look in their garage. I opened the garage door and saw a gorgeous 93' RX7 and a beautiful 93 Mitsubishi 3000GT. I had no idea about the car scene at that point in my life but seeing that 3kgt with all those mods and the body kit and all, I was hooked. After owning a few toyota trucks, by the age of 19 I decided I wanted to become serious into the car scene. I found a 92 VR4 on autotrader that had been on their for some time. A older gentleman in Maryland owned it, but i had yet to sell my Tacoma that I had at the time. I asked if he would be willing to do a trade. So we struck a deal and a week later he was at my house and I had a beautiful 92 VR4. I couldnt wait to start modding and within a few weeks I had intake and exhaust. Im still buying parts for my VR4 whenever I get some extra money. I love my VR4 to death and wouldnt trade it for anything. Iv had it for just about 2 years and I cant believe how far it has come. I take it to a few car shows every now and then and people usually love what I'v done to it, although I dont intend for it to be a show car. I have built it to be a race car. And one day it will join the 1,000+hp club

-Gearhead899 (Justin G.)