GTOGIRL3000 (Jackie Kassen)

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1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL (Twin Turbo Conversion)

Ride of the Month Submission 3000GT/Stealth International September 2006

3SI Member #2569


  • Factory Paint Job (still Lookin like new!)
  • 99' VR-4 Spoiler
  • Bomex Lip


  • Twin Turbo Conversion (and supporting mods)
  • Automatic to manual trans swap
  • SFR LSD insert
  • ATR Exhaust
  • DNP Y-Pipe
  • Polished Plenum
  • Custom Powder Coated Valve Cover
  • Dave Best Polished spark plug plate
  • Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
  • Gutted Pre-Cats
  • Random Technology High Flow Main Cat
  • Exedy Clutch
  • 3SX polished various covers

Suspension, Brakes, and Wheels:

  • KYB GR-2 Struts
  • Eibach lowering Springs
  • Addco front & rear sway bars
  • Cusco Rear Strut tower bar
  • 3SX front strut tower bar
  • A.Z.A 18x8.5 wheels
  • Yokohama ES100 tires
  • Rotora Slotted Rotors
  • Axxis Ultimate Brake Pads


  • Defi Boost Gauge
  • Defi EGT Gauge
  • AEM Wideband 02
  • Apexi SAFCII
  • Apexi Turbo Timer


  • 3SX Shift boot
  • 3SX e-brake boot
  • Autometer Gauge Pod


  • Alpine head unit
  • Eclpise Amp
  • Kicker CVR 12" Sub
  • Custom sub box

My Website:

My story:

Well to start, I officially became the proud owner of my car August 3, 2001. I remember that day like it was yesterday, 5 years later. I didn't know much about it at the time other than knowing it was gorgeous to me, my first love. I had no idea that it would become what it has. Without my car I never would have met my other love (Andrew) and so many other great friends. My car remained stock for a couple years, then did some really minor bolt-on stuff. I became sick of driving an automatic eventually, and wanted my car to be faster. I tossed around the ideas of doing a TT conversion and switching to a manual trans. Talked to a few poeple about it and basically got the same answer "Why not just sell your car and buy a VR-4". That cleary wasn't an option to me, as I always have said to myself and will continue to say "I will never sell my car." So I then decided to start collecting parts for my 2 conversions and set a goal date for March '06 to start the projects. March came around, and the madness began. And yes, it was sooo worth it! I couldn't be happier with it, except for having no traction sometimes! But I gotta love it. Next years plans are coming together, another motor pull, more upgrades, more fun! I can't wait, stay tuned.