Fuel: Install Walbro 416T Fuel Pump

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Time: 30mins - 1 Hour Difficulty: 3/10

Ok so I was searching for a tutorial for the install on the Walbro 416T E85 compatible fuel pump. However I was unable to locate one so everyone else gets to read mine, This is my first tutorial so any advice or any problems with it please let me know.

Things you'll need,

1x Walbro 416 fuel pump 2x Insulated Butt Connectors 2x Hose Clamps 6 inches of Fuel Line

You can buy the install kit that comes with it however you will 1. overpay, 2. wont have what you need, 3. Have stuff you don't need. The only advantage to the install kit is that it comes with the hose you need and the fuel filter deal you need. Those and the butt connectors can be purchase for a bit cheaper than the install kit.

Tools, Grinder and cut-off wheel or Dremel w/cut-off wheel and grinding attachments Crimping tool or Pliers Scissors 1 Philips and 1 FlatHead Screw driver

Now that that is outta the way, im going to assume that you already have the fuel pump out, if not [url=http://www.stealth316.com/2-fuelpump.htm]Stealth 316 - Fuel Pump Removal[/url] follow just the uninstall part. I did not do this for various problems I wont go into. I cut the hardline, I do not recommend this it is very dangerous. Gas+Spark=BOOM!!!!

Anyways moving on.

First when you get the fuel pump out you will need to remove the nuts that hold on the 2 wires. I used pliers cause they were on hand and very easy, next you just remove the small Philips head screw at the bottom of the assembly I suggest you clamp onto it with vice grips to break it loose first or you WILL most likely strip it, this will release the actual fuel pump from its housing, then just pull it off the neck and its out.

Now to the modifications

You will need to cut off the flare that is on the hardline to accommodate the new fuel pump neck. Now I stuck a Philips screw driver in the end and flared it just a little with a hammer, you don't have to do this i did it to make sure the hose we put on there will stay on. Slide the hose on and see how much room your going to have with the fuel pump on and cut your line accordingly. Once you have that done go ahead and clamp down the non pump side.


Once that is done its time to get onto modding the little rubber bushing that came off the bottom, This you pretty much need to just look at the pictures and do something similar.



You also need to do something similar to the metal bracket that goes over top the rubber bushing.



Once that is done, throw the pump back on and put the rubber bushing on the bottom of it and make sure it lines up at least mostly right. Go ahead and slide the metal bracket back on the bottom and put the screw back on. Make sure that when its all together you have it all tight together then clamp down the hose clamp on fuel pump side.

This picture is to show you it is very tight and wont arbitrarily fall outta the housing.


Now to address those pesky wires that we have hanging around, bet you know where this is going don't you.

Grab out your scissors and cut the connector off the fuel pump as well as both connectors off the housing assembly. Also Strip them...


Go ahead and Crimp the red wire to the wire with the white covering, and the black wire to the black ground wire. Very straight forward, but do make sure to give each one of your crimp jobs a light tug to make sure you crimped it adequately.


And finally reinstall the housing.

Hope this helped out let me know if you have any questions or comments.