Fuel: Apexi AFC Neo COLOR Wiring Diagram

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So I was unable to find a good wiring diagram or installation instructions for the Apexi AFC NEO COLOR.

Therefore between Stealth 316's diagrams for the SAFC-II and the Apexi Diagrams I have managed to make a new one for the 91-93 3000GT VR-4.

Again the original was made by Stealth316 however has been modified greatly and time consumingly by me.

I am not responsible in anyway if you manage to break, blow up, or otherwise destroy anything in the process of following this diagram.

You will need to cut 1 wire, and all the others get Quick Splice Connectors.



And to get this question outta the way before its asked, the orange illumination wire goes to one of the illumination circuits, ie dash, gauges, radio.

Heres the diagram. AFC-NEO-COLOR_wiring-diagram2.0.jpg

I was going to do a tutorial but this really is pretty straight forward.