Exterior: Active Aero Functionality

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A wind tunnel test in the Russian Magazine "AutoReview" has confirmed that the active aero is indeed functional. At speeds of 144km/h, a second generation [[Mitsubishi_3000GT/Dodge_Stealth|Mitsubishi GTO] (1994+) with the active aero in the standard position has a lift force of (97Newtons front / 196Newtons rear), or (21.8lb/44.1 lb). That same car with the active aero elements engaged produced a lift force of (10.6lb/-10.6lb), for an equivalent zero-lift. At speeds of 200km/h, the change was more drastic with (50.8lb/102.5lb) disengaged versus (24.7lb/-24.7lb) engaged. This decrease in lift comes at a very small penalty, as the drag force at 144km/h only increased by 1.3lbs, from 140.7lbs to 142lbs. This was achieved by a decrease in the coefficient of drag (.390 to .389), with only a slight increase in frontal area (2.009m^2 to 2.029m^2).

For comparison, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII produced (47.9lb/9.9lb)@144km/h, and (92.4lb/19.1lb)@200km/h of lift force with the standard carbon fiber wing. Similarly, the Subaru WRX STi GDB revision produced (58.9lb/-38.9lb)@144km/h and (113.5lb/-74.9lb)@200km/h with the standard wing. It should be noted that the EVOVIII did not have the optional vortex generators installed at the rear roof line, while the STi did have the optional rear windshield diffuser.