Engine: Troubleshoot Low Oil Pressure Light Flickering at Idle

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Low Oil Pressure Light Flickering At Idle

Typical symptoms:

  • At idle, after warmup, the Low Oil Pressure Light flickers on/off to no discernable pattern
  • A slight throttle application (~100RPM) makes the light go out

Case 1

Car: 1993 Dodge Stealth Twin Turbo

Mileage: 130,000 km

Specific Symptoms:

  • Warm oil pressure 1-2 ticks off zero point on stock gauge
  • Cold oil pressure 1-2 ticks below midway point on stock gage
  • Problem only occured on warm days or after hard driving

Troubleshooting Steps Followed:

  • Stock gage checked with motor not running to ensure zero point on gauge was zero
  • Oil level verified as full
  • Age/viscosity of oil unknown, as car was recently purchased
  • Oil changed to Amsoil 20w50 full synthetic
  • Warm idle oil pressure now 3-4 ticks off zero on stock gauge
  • Cold idle oil pressure now 1-2 ticks above midpoint on stock gauge
  • Low oil pressure light no longer flickering
This article originated from a thread or post on 3000GT/Stealth International. (1936)