Engine: Swap to 6G74 3.5L

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This is a how-to version of my webpage http://www.wrenchmonkey.com/Webpages/6G74swap.html

Step 1: Buy a Engine[edit]

The BEST engine is a JSPEC 6G74 engine from a Front wheel drive Mitsubishi Debonaire, Pajaro, or Kia Grandure (mitsubishi made engine). On Ebay they are listed as 6G74 Montero Engines. If you buy a different engine you are wasting your time, don't waste my time asking me how to make a different engine fit.

It is critical that you buy an engine with all of the accessories since the critical parts are not available in America.

Part List[edit]

Below is a list of Parts only avialable in Japan! so make sure you get these with your JSPEC engine!

Part Description 6G74TT (Use these Parts) 6G74NA 6G72TT
Lower Intake Manifold MD183653 MD183653 MD152648
Oil Pan (Upper) MD190219 MD190219 MD199562
Oil Pan (Lower) MD192397 MD192397 MD199562
Oil Pan Baffle MD187373 MD187373 (n/a)
Bracket: Power Steering Pump MD178139 MD178139 MB636738
Bracket: Alternator (Large) MD191579 MD191579 MD162824
Pulley: Power Steering Belt Adj MD184357 MD184357 MD172379
Cover: Timing Belt (Forward) MD174264 MD174264 MD192110
Cover: Timing Belt (Lower) MD189482 MD189482 MD192109
Cover: Timing Belt (Rear) MD189484 MD189484 MD188084
Pipe: Water Pump (in valley) MD192394 MD192394 MD146833
Thermostat Housing MD173506 MD173506 MD193877