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Written by: Josh Anker

So this is a common problem with our cars... The oil LIGHT in the dash isn't on, but the gauge in the middle shows ZERO oil pressure!

Well it happened to me, and I found lots of help when I searched, but I'm a TOTAL newbie when it comes to 3/S's, so I wasn't happy with the pictures I found.

So I took my own, and now I'm posting 'em to help you. I was told it's an easy fix with your car on a jack or lift, or that I could take the tire off. I didn't have to do EITHER! I just layed down next to the drivers side front tire, and I could SEE and REACH the loose wire. Here's pics.

When I looked, here's the first thing I saw...


Note the wire hanging loose. If you're disoriented, or have no clue what ANYTHING is, here's the picture again, with the front drivers-side TIRE in the picture, so you can get your bearings. (It's on the right side, you might have to scroll your browser.)


Okay, take that little wire hanging loose, and slide the connecter onto the brass colored little round thing. (It's the oil sender unit). Make it look like THIS:


The tire is in there again, so you can get your bearings.

Here's the final picture, with instructions and all the right parts pointed out with an arrow.


Okay, I hope this helps some newbie someday, and like someone told me... don't you DARE pay to have this one fixed! Do it yourself!

I took these pics myself, and they're of my car, so they're not copyrighted or anything... Feel free to use them if you have a 3/S site with a fix for this problem.

Good luck, everyone, and enjoy your car without worrying about that oil gauge! :)

--Alan92rttt 13:07, 31 March 2006 (EST)----

If you have the reverse problem. No oil light at startup but your guage works. The sensor for the light is the same area and is probably suffering from a similar issue.