Electrical: Harness Connectors

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Over time, many of the connectors on the wiring harness might need replacing due to damage, brittle plastic, or corrosion. It can be tricky to find replacements for certain connectors either because they are no longer made or aren't available in small quantities. This page aims to help identify specific connectors and suitable replacements that can be easily sourced.

Image Connector No. Description Manufacturer Part No. Notes
Engine Compartment
B-01 Coolant Temp Gauge
B-04 (91-92) CAS
B-05 TPS
B-08 Knock Sensor
B-14 Ignition Coil
B-15 Noise Suppression Capacitor
B-21 PTU 6-pin
B-22 PTU 3-pin
B-28 Fuel Pump Relay
B-34 Speed Sensor
B-36 Oil Pressure Gauge
B-37 Oil Pressure Switch