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Keyless entry computer from a '95 VR-4. If you look closely you can see the labeling for the switch for "Set 1" and "Set 2".

Keyless entry is a convenient feature that was added to the Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO and Dodge Stealth in order to allow owners to easily lock and unlock their doors without physically inserting a key.

In order to reprogram or replace the keyless entry system, you will need to access the wireless receiver located behind the rear, driver-side panel near the factory speaker. While the receiver is fairly easy to access, any car audio installation shop should be able to help you reach it as well.

Time required: Approximately 1.5 hours

Tools Required[edit]

  • Phillips screwdriver (stubby and standard)
  • Socket wrench
    • 12mm socket

Access and Replace the Keyless Entry Receiver on a Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO and Dodge Stealth[edit]

Factory keyless entry computer in relation to the speaker and seatbelt harness.

Contributed by: Lloyd Wihl

  1. Remove the retractable hatch cover (if you have one).
  2. Remove the rear seat. Pull on the two handles at the forward edge of the seat bottom. This will unlatch it so you can lift out the whole seat bottom. Remove the left side rear seat-back by undoing the two 12mm bolts (located at its base).
  3. Remove the left rear panel. Unscrew the rearmost screw on the scuff plate (the plastic strip that sits over the rocker panel). Unscrew the single screw on the cover over the rear seatbelt retractor, and lift off this cover. Remove all the screws holding on the large panel. The only tricky part is getting to the two screws at the rear seatbelt retractor - there is not much space, so you will need a short/stubby-style screwdriver. I used a long Phillips screwdriver bit with a socket and it was easy. You don't need to take off any seatbelts - just let the panel hang with the seatbelt still through it.

Replace or Reprogram the Keyless Entry Receiver[edit]

  1. Replace or modify the keyless entry receiver. The receiver is the large box forward of the speaker. There is a 3-position switch on it marked SET 1 - FIX - SET 2. You will find it easier to access this switch if you remove the receiver from the car body. Move the switch to either SET position (the two SET positions are in case you have two transmitters with different codes), so that the receiver will learn the new code. Press either button on the new transmitter. Move the switch back to FIX, to retain the code. Test the new remote operation - it should work.
  2. Reassemble, making sure that the antenna connector is snug in the receiver.


Note: This section is currently under accuracy review. Please check back for updates soon.
Keyless entry remote for a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT and Dodge Stealth
How to Program the 1997 3000GT Keyless Entry
FCC ID OMRON Part # Button Layout Receiver Part # Compatible Years
E4EG8DA * G8D-281M-A 2-Button MB920442 1992 (some)
1993 (all)
1994 (all)
1995 (some)
1996 Spyder (some)
E4EG8DE G8D-401M-A1 2-Button 1995 Spyder
E4EG8DA * G8D-282M-A 3-Button MR318453 1995 (some)
1996 (all)
1996 Spyder (some)
1997 (some)
E4EG8DL G8D-494M-A 3-Button MR318470 1997 (some)
1998 (all)
1999 (all)

* These remotes and receivers will work in either application.

These are claimed to work but do not work:

  • OMRON G8D-404M-A Galant
  • OMRON G8D-426M-A
  • OMRON G8D-525M-A
  • GQ43VT6T (They also claim this is a 3000gt remote. If it is, it may be for a 1999. To date I have not seen one car that has this # in it. Can anyone help out with this?)

Adding Keyless Entry[edit]

Even if your 3000GT or Stealth did not come with the factory installed keyless entry system, there is a possibility that you can install one on your own. Community member Dave57 mentions that he took apart a 1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL that had no receiver and found that the plug was there. He claims that you can put the later receiver in the earlier car and it will work all but panic.

Dave57 goes on to say, "I'm sure I can run a wire and trigger the alarm with this, but there is no wiring diagram for this circuit in the resources I have. So you would have to use a meter and check the receiver pins while activating panic. Hopefully it is a grounding circuit so the hatchback switch wire would work."