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Electronically Controlled Suspension


The Electronically Controlled Suspension (ECS) system controls the ride stiffness at the push of a button.

TOUR - A softer easier ride for daily driving/cruising.

SPORT - A stiffer ride good for high performance driving.

  1. The ECS system automatically manipulates the suspension at each wheel independently to control roll, squat and dive and to compensate for various road conditions. Automatic control can also be overridden via the ECS button in the cockpit; in Sport mode, the suspension is locked into its firmest setting.
  2. The system consists of a G-Force sensor, steering angular velocity sensor, throttle position sensor, vehicle speed sensor and electronic control unit.
  3. If a fault is detected by the suspension controller, the Tour and Sport lights will flash. The shop manual provides an easy procedure for extracting the error code to identify the problem.

--bjmsam 15:03, 30 June 2006 (EDT)

Reading ECS Trouble Codes with a Voltmeter[edit]

From GTOUK (derived from TSB):

This is how to read the ECS trouble codes with a voltmeter

  1. Find the datalink connector under the dash in the driver's side.
    1. 1ST GENERATION - connect + to pin 3, - to pin 12. Pin 3 is the third down on the left side, before the double space. Pin 12 is the lower right corner.
    2. 2ND GENERATION - connect + to pin 3, - to pin 4 or 5. Pin 3 is the third from the top left side of the connector (on the long side of the trapezoid), pin 4 and 5 are next to the right.
  2. Turn the ignition on.
  3. Look at the voltmeter. The code is repeated many times. Seven (7) short deflections is code =0, and means everything is wonderful.
  4. Other codes are: 1 long, 1 short = 11, G sensor bad.
    1. 2 long, 1 short=21, steering angular velocity sensor open
    2. 2 long, 4 short=24, speed sensor open
    3. These codes don't disappear until ingnition switch is off, even if you fix the problem.
  5. These codes disappear when you correct the problem:
    1. 6 long, 1 short=61, Front Right shock
    2. 6 long, 2 short=62, Front left shock
    3. 6 long, 3 short=63, Rear right shock
    4. 6 long, 4 short=64, Rear Left shock

--bjmsam 21:52, 5 July 2009 (EDT)

Faulty ECS Computer[edit]

If both of the dashboard Sport and Tour lights stay lit constantly (no flashing) then there is a good chance that the ECS computer is faulty and needs replacing.

Another symptom --> when checking for codes as described above, there will be constant 12v across pins 3 and 12 (no pulsing).