Door: Stop Door Ajar Beeping Noise (Buzzer)

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Like most cars, the Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO and Dodge Stealth has a buzzer that sounds when the keys are in the ignition and the driver-side door is open. This was implemented to remind us not to lock our keys in the car, but to most, this sound is just an annoyance. With that said, disabling the buzzer (either permanently or temporarily) is easy to do and can be done in about 5-10 minutes. Best of all, this mod is free.

Disconnecting the Buzzer Harness[edit]

Harness to disconnect

Tool Required

  • Flathead Screwdriver


If you are still using the stock headunit, and if you disconnect the power to the headunit, it may require a 4-digit security code when you plug it back in (as a theft deterrent 'feature'). If you've been given this code in the past, you may want to find it now. However, if you don't have it, it is possible to retrieve this code from the Mitsubishi dealership over the phone or in-person (by providing them with your stereo's part number and serial number). It should be noted that not all year/model OEM headunits seem to require a code, and is more commonly found in headunits included in the 3000GT as opposed to the Stealth.


  1. Remove the plastic frame around the stereo headunit
    The frame is held in with clips and can easily be pried off with the tip of the flathead screwdriver
  2. Unscrew the 4 visible screws
  3. Pull the stereo straight out and in an upwards motion
    • If you have small hands, you may be able to reach into the center console to perform the following steps without unplugging the stereo's harness. If you are still using the OEM headunit, and you don't know your radio's security code (and you don't want to call Mitsubishi to retrieve it), then you may want to try to leave the stereo harness plugged in
    • If you have your stereo's code, or you have no problem trying to get it, then you may unplug the harness. Document both numbers listed on the headunit itself, as these are the numbers Mitsubishi will need in order to retrieve your code
  4. Unplug the blue harness in the upper-right side of the stereo cavity (as shown in the picture to the right). This is your buzzer.
  5. Replug in your headunit's harness if you unplugged it, and slide the headunit back into place
  6. Rescrew in the 4 screws
  7. Re-clip in the plastic frame/bracket
  8. Put your key in ignition... open door... and relax in the silence

Note: This method retains all of the other door ajar functionality, such as the interior dome lights, etc. It only disables the buzzer itself.

Disabling the Buzzer Temporarily[edit]

Sometimes you may be working on your car and just wish to disable the buzzer momentarily in order to retain sanity. To disable the door ajar buzzer temporarily, simply put a piece of electrical tape over the driver side door's doorpin (located in the lower-right side of the door frame).