Dodge Stealth Model Differences (Base/ES/RT/RTTT)

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Written by Stealthify


The Dodge Stealth was produced for a total of six years. From 1991 to 1996, four different trims were available for potential buyers to select from. These include the Base model, ES model, RT model and RT/TT model. From 1991 to 1993, all four options were produced. However, from 1994 to 1996 the ES model was dropped – leaving just the Base, RT and RT/TT.

Base & ES[edit]

Cosmetically, the Base and ES Stealth’s have a lot of similarities. Here is what you can expect to see with these two particular models:


A few key things to take note of (that help differentiate the Base/ES from the RT and RT/TT) include the gray plastic pillars (which you will notice does not have vents near the rear window). You will also notice that the headlights and roof are painted the same color as the car, as well as the lack of a side vent on the lower door/sideskirts. However, three of the most noticeable exterior features include the taillights that slightly resemble that of the 3000GT, as well as the black/gray plastic trim piece that circles around the entire mid-section of the car, and ultimately the rounded front bumper. I should also note that the Stealth ES/Base taillights are NOT the same size as the 3000GT taillights, as the Stealth’s version is a bit taller.

Interior wise, both the Base and ES models speedometer maxes at 160mph, often comes with a Manual Air Conditioning control unit, cloth seats, no steering wheel radio controls, and the option of manual windows/locks.

RT & RT/TT[edit]

Visually, the RT and RT/TT are very similar as well. As shown:


One of the first things that may jump out at you on the sleek surfaces of the RT and RT/TT would be the taillights. No longer a full bar that stretches across the back of vehicle, these taillights are one of a kind. Another quite noticeable difference would be the headlights and roof on the 1991-1993 RT and RT/TT models, which are black (no matter what color the rest of your car is). The black-top idea was dropped for the 94-96 years. You’ll also notice that the side vent has returned on the lower door/sideskirts, as well as the extra scoops on the front bumper. These extra scoops were intended for the stock intercoolers on the RT/TT model, however the RT sports them as well. Furthermore the black/gray trim piece circling the car was not an option for the RT and RT/TT models, and the black/gray pillars are now painted the same color as the car (you’ll also notice vent openings in the rear pillar as well). Last but not least, the 94-96 RT and RT/TT bumpers have rib-like ridges that set it apart from the 91-93 RT and RT/TT rear bumpers. To tell the difference between the RT model and RT/TT Stealth's (all years), you will notice that the RT/TT Stealth has an extra exhaust outlet on the passenger side. You can also look at the rear quarter window, which will say ‘AWD’, ‘DOHC’ and/or ‘Twin Turbo’ on it. The side door-caps should also have ‘Twin Turbo’ badges on it.

If you take a look in the interior, you’ll notice that (just like the Base/ES models) that the Stealth RT speedometer also maxes out at 160mph, while the Stealth RT/TT maxes at 180mph. Leather seats were also an option for the RT and RT/TT models, as well as the Digital Climate Control. Power window/locks are standard.


When it comes to engine and power, the Base/ES/RT and RT/TT models are grouped a bit differently. Shown below:


Between the 4 different trims, there are only 3 main engine setups. This includes the SOHC for the Base models (164hp), the DOHC for the ES and RT models (222hp) and DOHC Twin-Turbo setup on the RT/TT models (300hp for the 91-93, and 320hp for the 94-96). In the United States, the 4-speed automatic transmission was available for the Base, ES and RT models however were NOT an option in the RT/TTs (which only came as manuals). From 94 to 96, the 6-Speed Manual transmission was an option for the RT/TT’s only, while the other Manual transmissions were available in 5-Speeds.