Crosive (Josh Hubbert)

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December 2005 - Ride of the Month 3000GT/Stealth International

1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4
Tangelo Pearl Orange

3SI Member #2410


  • K&N cone filter
  • Apexi SAFC II
  • Blitz SBC-ID VIII
  • Test Pipe
  • Gutted Precats
  • Stillen Downpipe
  • Greddy type RS BOV
  • RPS MAX Stage Street Disk
  • RPS Lightweight Flywheel
  • Greddy Turbo Timer
  • Stoptech Dimpled and Slotted Rotors w/ARI Ceramic Pads
  • NGK copper non resistor plugs @ .28
  • Walbro gss341 fuel pump
  • DSM 450 cc black top injectors
  • Taylor Spiro Pro wires
  • Bigtyla's ground wires
  • custom EGR blockoff plates
  • 3SX aluminum crank pulley
  • Supermac Race Shifter
  • Supermac Cold air wall
  • Custom White faced Guages
  • RSR lowering springs up front
  • Intrax lowering springs in the rear
  • Drunken Bear rear upper control arms
  • 5 Zigen Fno1r-c 17x9 Hyper-black rims
  • TEC 17g's
  • PLX wideband
  • 99 front end conversion
  • ViS carbon fiber evo II hood
  • 99 VR-4 wing

My Story

I bought my car in February of 02 with 42k on it, and it was bone stock running on 5 cylinders. After adding a BOV and a testpipe, that's how my car stayed for around 30k miles. One night I got fed up with the car missing, and overall just being slow, so I just starting yanking stuff apart, and found out the injector wiring harness for number 5 was cut clean in half. I also found out my CEL bulb was faulty, thus the no check engine light for the injector problem. Upon fixing that, the next few months went by quick. Before you know it, I painted it orange, added a 99 front end, and added the rest of my mod list to it. The plans for my car from here on out change almost weekly, so who knows what it will look like this time next year.