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1993 Dodge Stealth RT - Single Turbo FWD
Orchid Pearl Blue

Ride of the Month Submission 3000GT/Stealth International December 2010

Suspension and Wheels:

  • Tein Coilovers
  • Diablo 20" Chrome wheels
  • 275/30ZR20s Rear, 255/35ZR20s Front
  • Cross drilled rotors, SS brakelines, Axis Pads.


  • Innovative Performance Digital A/F (A-pillar)
  • AEM Boost Gauge (A-Pillar)
  • Apexi blue LED Turbo Timer
  • Apexi NEO A/F Mgt


  • Reconditioned leather seats (Stock was cloth)See below.
  • Blue LED conversion on all switches and lights. See below.
  • Speedhut Indigo Blue gauge face overlays including centre gauges
  • 3SI Floormats


  • Polished intake plenum, intake pipes, valve covers, fuel rails, water housing, headers, downpipe, Stealth R/T Spark Plug cover, strut bar.
  • Custom Single Turbo
  • GT Racing Wastegate and BOV
  • Steel Forged Crank
  • 360CC injectors
  • 99 lifters
  • Chrome rings
  • Upgraded pistons
  • Front mount intercooler
  • Front mount Tranny cooler
  • Stainless steel intake piping and exhaust system (again custom made by GTR)
  • K&N FIPK mounted down by foglight.
  • Supra Fuel Pump (Hot Wired)


  • Alpine MP3Head Unit
  • Audiobahn amp for sub
  • JBL 10" Sub in Homemade Box


  • FIAMM Horn Mod
  • Snake-Eyes Mod

My Website: Bob's Stealth

My story:

I purchased this car in 2002 from an elementary school teacher who really didn't know how to take care of it. I fell in love with it after the 1st test drive! It had 178,000km. It started out as a high-end used car for a daily driver. The first thing I had to do was get it painted. Paint was thrashed and sideskirt split... My cousin the ex-bodyshop mgr stripped it down sanded it, threw all the parts inside (bumpers and all) and took it to the paint shop for re-painting it stock/original orchid pearl blue. When it came out, I helped him put it all back together again. Thats when I learned how well built these bodies are! Took forever, but it was worth it. Paint still holds its own in car shows to this day.

I found the 3SI website shortly after, then the 'obsession' began..... I met other owners with beautiful cars, engine bays, etc. etc. and wanted a car like theirs. Started 'upgrading little things here and there.

Stereo Upgrade was next, even built my own sub box because being long distance daily driver I didn't want to lose my spare tire!

Then I learned how to polish Aluminum......then it snowballed... 'Hey! I can polish that too!' I kept saying. Local 3S owners started calling me Mr. Bling....

Show & Shine judges would walk by my car, look at the engine bay, realize how many hours it took to polish all those parts, and just shake their head.....then give me a trophy at the end of the day

Kept driving it 100Km to/from work every day, but eventually at 320,000km the head gasket finally gave up.

Our local guru/Stealth-God mechanic at GT Racing said 'Bob - if you wanna go Turbo, now is the time to do it'. Need a whole engine rebuild, so away we went! The Single-Turbo setup, including turbo, intake, headers, exhaust are all custom made (stainless steel) for this car. GT designed the whole thing. While it was in the shop (engineless) I found a set of Leather seats that a friend reconditioned and replaced all damage leather on. I installed them while it was in the garage being re-built.

The Turbo was made from 2 different turbos (bigger vanes, faster spooling ball bearing type). Last Dyno run est 410HP at the crank.(At 12 lbs boost).

The next winter I slowly converted the entire interior to Blue LED lighting. Patience is very necessary if anyone even thinks about being crazy enough to do this like I did....LOL

Odometer now reads 356,000Km....... and it's just like a brand new Stealth R/T FWD except better!