Brakes: Upgrade 1991-1993 Brakes to 1994-1999

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After Grinding

The Basics[edit]

The purpose of this modification is to allow the larger 2nd gen rotors to be used on your first gen. Basically it's a $500 brake upgrade.

Parts List[edit]

  • ~$200 2nd gen turbo calipers
  • ~$300 2nd gen rotors
  • FREE: you can use your old brake pads, they are the same
  • FREE: remove your brake dust shields, they won't fit the new rotors
  • FREE: you can continue to be a cheap-ass and buy OEM sized tires for OEM wheels, instead of getting those aftermarket wheels.


First off, there is a LOT of grinding involved. I used a steel bit to cut time, but be careful because if it grabs the aluminum it will dig in fast.

Before you start please plug your brake line threads as to not get metal shavings into your caliper :eek:

as you can see here, this is at the end of the first stage before the first test fitting, almost every area fit fine, but the front of the caliper, just frontside of where I was grinding was so close to touching, I decided to grind more off.

What to grind[edit]

Here I have the sections numbered

  • 1 - medium grinding
  • 2 - light grinding mostly to match the rest of the caliper
  • 3 - heavy grinding here, I took off between 1/16 and 1/8 inch of metal here
Caliper marked1.jpg
Caliper marked2.jpg

I also disassembled the caliper and put the outward facing section on a mill to take off the mitsubishi and the casting marks, I'm not sure if this was necessary, but I like my stuff to look stock ;) and Mitsubishi doesn't fit well on the side of a stealth. I would recommend painting the calipers or powdercoating them after this process is completed to avoid corrosion.

The finished product[edit]

Here are the calipers after the second phase of grinding, they *should* fit(haven't test fitted them but corrected all of the previous "almost touching" areas) with enough clearance for my tastes. After grinding I went over the ground areas with a sanding bit and then a steel-wool wheel to buff them a bit.

Caliper finished1.jpg
Caliper finished2.jpg