Blackjdmpower (David Vong)

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1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4
Black Albany Pearl

Ride of the Month Submission 3000GT/Stealth International July 2009


  • 15g's
  • Custom Coach FMIC
  • K&N Intake
  • 3SX SS Downpipe with precat eliminators
  • Tanabe Concept G Blue Catback
  • EXEDY Clutch Kit
  • PST Hybrid Aluminum 2 piece Driveshaft


  • Changed Tan Carpet for Charcoal
  • Custom Wrapped Door Garnish with Bride Material
  • Waiting for Install(Friggin seat rails take forever to get here): 2X Bride Digo Gradation Seats
  • Greddy Profec B Spec II
  • Blitz FATT turbo timer
  • Cianci Triple Pillar Pod with matching passenger
  • Defi Blue Racer Boost and Oil Pressure Gauges
  • AEM Wideband
  • SAFCII in Center Vent
  • Sony Head Unit


  • Aero Craft Kaze Front Lip
  • Aero Craft Kaze Headlight scoop
  • Deft Racing "Second Gen Style" CF Hood with AEROCATCH hood pins
  • JDM GTO Tail lights
  • JDM GTO Snake Eyes
  • '99 Center Garnish
  • 18 X 9 Advan RS with Neo Chro R26 Lugs
  • Tein S Springs


  • JDM GTO Titanium Shift knob
  • Mashimaro Aroma Scent Doll
  • 35% tint

My Story:

Alright, my car is always in a state of "Not finished yet" as I am always waiting for something to arrive from Japan ;) I'm a JDM Junkie...take my car for what it is, or don't. I try. -David