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1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4
Sable Black

3SI Member #32493

Below is the extensive list of modifications that I have completed on this street beast.

Sleeper engine bay #1


  • TE04H-13C turbos
  • GM LT1 3" MAF
  • K&N 7" Cone Filter
  • Dejon pre-turbo intake hard pipes
  • Dejon NO-MAS intake pipe
  • Dejon 2-Piece Y-Pipe
  • 1G DSM SMIC's
  • 1G DSM "Crushed" BOV
  • 3SX custom aluminum crank pulley
  • 3SX phenolic plenum spacer
  • 3SX SS oil return lines
  • 3SX Krank Vents kit
  • DIY OCC w/ SS lines
  • FMOC w/ SS lines
  • IPS A/C Delete Kit
  • NGK BKR6ES copper spark plugs
  • GReddy 1.3bar radiator cap
  • Polyurethane motor mount inserts
  • Topline Engineering "BigTyla" GW kit
  • Supercar Engineering EGR block-off plates
  • Thermo-Tec heat wrapped rear turbo hotpipe
  • reinforced intercooler hoses
  • Duralast 170* thermostat
  • T-bolt clamp conversion
Pilot's seat

Ride of the Month Submission 3000GT/Stealth International November 2009

Electronics/Engine Management:

  • Prosport 52mm Water Temperature gauge
  • Prosport 52mm Boost gauge
  • Prosport 52mm Oil Pressure gauge
  • AEM UEGO WBO2 gauge
  • AEM Tru-Boost gauge
  • CHM Fuel Pressure gauge
  • A'PEXi turbo timer
  • A'PEXi S-AFC
  • A'PEXi S-ITC
  • Scanmaster 3 v1.7
  • Hand Held Halo v3.x
  • MAF Translator v2.01


  • Hot/Rewired Walbro GSS341 255lph fuel pump
  • DSM 450cc black top injectors
  • EK2 fuel rail loop


  • K-Sport coilovers
  • Cross-drilled rotors
  • Hawk HPS brake pads
  • SS brake lines
  • [2]Nankang NS-1 245/45/17
  • [2]Kumho Ecsta ASX 245/45/17


  • Maximal Performance transfer case bracket/brace
  • 3SX solid shifter underhood bushings
  • 3SX solid shifter base bushings
  • SS braided clutch line


  • Custom OBX Super Dragger catback
  • Custom "Bob Melton" downpipe
  • Custom aluminized 3" resonator
  • Gutted pre-cats


  • Mobil1 10W-40 synthetic "high mileage" motor oil
  • Mobil1 75W-90 synthetic rear differential oil
  • Mobil1 M1-104 "extended performance" oil filter
  • Red Line 75W-90 synthetic Shockproof Heavy transfer case oil
  • Red Line MTL/MT-90 synthetic transmission oil
  • Red Line Water Wetter
  • Techron concentrate plus
  • Seafoam motor treatment


  • Deftracing 575 Carbon Fiber hood
  • Aerocatch hood latches
  • Custom front lip
  • Black powdercoated OEM 17x8.5 wheels
  • Yellow tinted OEM foglights
  • Yellow tinted OEM headlights
  • Yellow tinted "snake eyes" lenses
  • Shaved rear windshield wiper
  • All-around tinted windows
  • Mitsubishi tire valve stem caps
  • Personalized license plates


  • Broadway wide rear-view mirror
  • 52mm x2 Full A-Pillar


  • Alpine CDA-9886 headunit
  • Alpine 4-ch amplifier


  • removed/deleted front Active Aero
  • removed/deleted entire A/C system + lines
  • removed/deleted windshield washer fluid reservoir
  • removed spare junk in trunk
  • disabled blue wire "kill-buzz mod"
  • disabled clutch safety switch
  • disabled ECS
  • 120K maintenance + continued maintenance/repairs

My Story:

Hello everyone! My name is ALan and this just happens to be my beloved second 3/S. I was pulled into this crazy obsession during my first year of college in Fall '06 when I purchased my first 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT Base DOHC 5-SP. It wasn't long before I became more involved with SoCal3S and 3Si. It was a long, eventful year full of experiences and memories. Sadly, I ended up selling her to focus more on my studies and other priorities.

A year passed on and I had just sold a project DSM that I was able to enter the world of turbocharging with. One evening in Fall '08, I was browsing the local classifieds and stumbled upon a well-maintained and lightly modified 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 with 112,652 miles. After a few phone calls and meeting in person, I decided to take the risk and stepped up to owning a high-maintenance sports car that I was already familiar with. Boy was I in for one hell of a ride...

It has been 11 months since then and I cannot believe how much time, effort, pain, and money has been put into this machine in such a short amount of time. My mindset for this car has always been "Function Over Form" and so I have always been aiming for pure performance. I figured that I would rather have more "go" than "show" since these cars are already damn sexy as-is. I still cannot fathom the countless number of hours that I have spent researching and wrenching to become more knowledgeable to the 3/S platform.

Currently, I have her tuned for 17psi on pump-91 with fully rebuilt TE04H-13C turbos that I removed and reinstalled myself. In fact, all work and tuning has been done by yours truly. It is the primary reason that I chose to modify this car. I wanted that sense of accomplishment and pride, and I believe that I have found it in this rare beauty!

I hope to pass on everything that I have learned to help the community who helped me to begin with.