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June 2007 - Ride of the Month 3000GT/Stealth International

1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4
Mystic Blue



Suspension and Wheels:







  • ABS
  • AWS
  • AA
  • AE
  • antenna
  • rear wiper
  • Cruze controll
  • fog lights
  • pop up lights
  • crashbar
  • MASS
  • Vac lines
  • wire tuck
  • windshield washer bottle
  • TB coolant lines
  • turbo coolant lines
  • EGR
  • FIAV
  • intake pipes
  • tow hooks
  • Evap canister
  • firewall solonoids
  • metal vac lines
  • battery tray
  • power steering oil cooler
  • everything on firewall
  • heater
  • carrier bearings for driveshaft
  • cats and mufflers
  • timing belt covers
  • fusebox move






My Story:

I was passed down a Black 91' SL back in high school 96'. I did everything wrong to the SL. Super loud stereo, ugly yellow racing stripes, horrid Ebruni body kit, 16" rims ect. So when I found my VR4 in Sept of 02' I said I would leave the body completely stock and only work on power. So I began some fuel mods, boost mods and some electronics. Shortly thereafter I opened a thread titled "3s hybrids pics" by GTO4ever that changed my life 4ever.

This picture was just so damn beautiful and didn’t look too outrageous. I just had to have, so I set up a 5 step plan to transform my car to GTO4ever's Photoshop picture. I have completed the first 3 steps, steps 4 (fenders) and 5 (19” rims) are the most expensive steps and are taking a while. Before I had seen his picture I was pretty deep into the power mods, everything except the turbos. Riding in a few highpower 3SI members cars had me hooked on power so I needed turbos. My choises at the time where direct bolt on small turbos, impossible to get TD05 adapter plates, $6k DR1000's, or to get a set of custom headers made for larger turbos. So I went for the bang/buck turbos; DR650’s. When they arrived I opened a thread from Snakeskinner posting track results and prices of his new DR800’s. Matt let me send the 650’s back unopened to trade up to DR800’s. The car has been tuned about 40% and is able to put down 350hp/tq at only 13psi. As soon as possible I will get the rest of the tune and hopefully get 600hp at ~30psi.

I want to thank everyone on 3SI that has helped me in the past and a special thanks to J-Ville VR-4.

Work Performed By

  • 5th gear (Lowering springs)
  • J-Ville VR-4 (120k tuneup)
  • Carsmetics (Paint)
  • Bret Brinkman (X-Case)
  • IPS (Powdercoating)
  • MYSELF (Everything else)