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confirmed on 1st and 2nd (2.5) gen cars.

thanks to soccermania688 for reporting back on his 1st gen to confirm that it does work

i've figured out how to disable the alarm on my 98 gt sl... i can't guarantee that this work for all other years, but it's worth a shot

i've tried the mod where you ground the light green wire on the etacs... that did nothing for me...

i decided to go another route. i figured that since i can disable my alarm by turning the key in the trunk that there has to be a way to make it permanently send the signal to disable the alarm...


tools i used:

  • a small flathead screw driver
  • a phillips screwdriver
  • a small pair of pliers
  • 4-6 inches of wire
  • one splice wire fitting
  • one ring terminal

Walk Through[edit]

so i started taking the panel off that covers the latch for the trunk. it really wasn't that hard to take off. i just had to take out the plastic "trays" from the trunk as well as the spare tire then i had access to all of the screws that i needed. i used a small screwdriver to pop off the 4 screw covers on the top of the panel. there are two screws on each side under the access panels, two on each side of the cover itself, two that you get access to after removing the trays if i remember correctly there are a total of 12 screws that hold the panel on.

once you have the panel off, you need to locate the wires for the trunk's alarm sensor. here is a picture of the alarm sensor and shows which wire you need to tap into and ground:

Alarm disable 1.jpg

if you notice, i took this picture as if i was sitting in the trunk facing the back.

here is a closeup of the wire that i had to tap (looking down on it):

Alarm disable 2.jpg

all i used was a 14-18 gauge wire tap and i grounded the blue/red wire.

now the car thinks that the alarm is being turned off all the time

original forum discussion - howto: disable factory alarm (non-1st gen)

--Mbentley 15:25, 8 November 2007 (MST)