94TTinga (Shane Presnal)

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1994 Dodge Stealth RT/TT
Silver Pearl

Ride of the Month Submission 3000GT/Stealth International June 2008


  • 3.1 L
  • 8.5:1 Ross pistons
  • Pauter rods
  • Gtpro head gaskets
  • Apr studs
  • DR stage 3 heads with street grind cams high rev springs and 3gen lifters
  • 3SX TD05 kit with EVO III 16G's
  • PTE 680cc Injectors
  • Alamosports SMIC's and Hardpipes
  • K & N Aircharger
  • 3" split dual exhaust- Straight pipes
  • Greddy Type-S BOV
  • Fidanza Flywheel
  • SS Brakelines
  • Hotwired fuel pump
  • Emanage Ultimate
  • Denzo Fuel Pump
  • Intrax Springs
  • Blitz DSBC Boost Controller
  • Prosport Gauges- Oil Pressure, Water temp, Boost
  • AEM Ugeo wideband
  • GT300 Hood with the blowoff your car fix it yourself mod
  • 20% tint

Things waiting to be installed

  • Carbotech rotors and pads
  • CRX Racing FMIC Kit

My Story

The Dodge Stealth. My Dream Car. My obsession began when my parents purchased a 1991 Dodge Stealth ES back in 1992. It is white with the beautiful porno red leather interior and automatic. I loved it. At 12 years old, it was a supercar. I purchased it from my father in 2000. Since then, I have given it to my little sister, who has then passed the car back to my dad for an 03' Eclipse. But, this story is about my baby. In January of 2006 I found her. A beautiful 1994 Dodge stealth TT with some lovely Volk rims on it. I talked with Chris and on 1/21 me and my patient wife flew to Minneapolis, MN and picked her up. We drove the whole way back (16 hours I believe) with no radio. The first thing I did was throw on some intrax springs, and the mod list goes on from there.Before my current setup I ran DR650R's at a best time of 12.2 in the 1/4 after blowing off one of my intercooler pipes in 3rd gear.I had a forced upgrade when I was racing a Hyabusa ( he was probably just toying with me)and my #4 injector failed on me at 145 mph. I pulled the motor and I had popped the ringlands on the piston in which messed up my heads. So I found a built motor and installed it. Here is what is currently on the car/waiting to be installed, although I know I am missing some things.