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1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4
Pearl White

Ride of the Month Submission 3000GT/Stealth International August 2010


  • VIS Evo Hood
  • smoked turn signals and black headlights
  • 99 rear center garnish

Suspension and Wheels:

  • K-sport coilovers
  • 5Zigen fn01r-cs (Enkei NT03 race)
  • Potenza RE050 (Goodrich R1 race)
  • Rear stabi bar and strut bar
  • 4+ years of alignment trial and error!
  • Carbotech slotted rotors/pads


  • SAFC 2
  • Greddy Profec B Spec 2
  • greddy pearl white 60mm gauges
  • relocated battery to trunk
  • Hotwired FP


  • 13g's
  • DR Stage 3 heads
  • Stillen DP/Borla Catback
  • Poly mounts
  • rebuilt engine 20K ago
  • FMIC
  • Powdercoated most engine bay parts myself
  • Custom broom handle hood prop!


  • JDM trans and 5 speed rear diff. (8% final drive lower)
  • SBC stage 3 clutch
  • IPS lightweight flywheel

Extra Weight Loss

  • Cloth NA Seats
  • ABS removal
  • AWS delete
  • Removed: front active aero, rear washer, rear seat belts, evap canister, vacuum lines, stock amp, unused ecu's, etc...

My Story:

I fell into these cars about 10+ years ago when I tried to trade my Jeep in on a newer one and found a 93 3000GT SL (sandstone gray!) that I fell in love with and owned for a couple of years. While I had that I was dreaming of a pearl white VR4 with charcoal leather and eventually found one a couple hundred miles away. After begging/pleading with the dealer to let me test drive their showroom car I was hooked. Next thing I know I've owned that one (ROTM submission) for 8+ years and way too many more! I also worked on this car so much that I decided to start buying project cars and fixing/selling them to fund my racing. I've now owned a 91 VR4, 95 VR4, 93 SL, 94 VR4, 94 Stealth TT, 99 3000GT base, 97 3000GT base , and a galant vr4 and talon tsi.

Probably the biggest reason that I've kept this car so long is that I've got a LONG history with it. This car really got me through engineering classes (thermodynamics = turbos!) and indirectly got me into an automotive design position. I've done every single modification to this car myself or with the help of friends and or course beer. I can pretty much fix anything on this car and probably tell you how many bolts are needed to take off and what torque's required. I also started powder-coating and did all of the engine bay coating in my shop.

One thing that I've focused on with this car is BALANCE! I know too many people that have a car that can run a 10s 1/4 mile or win a car show, but come Monday they're back in the garage waiting for the next event. I really wanted a car that could be driven every day (getting 25+mpg with a/c and cruise), drive to the track, race competitively, drive back and get you back to work on Monday while still looking like a clean, unique car. Most of my mods were done with this in mind. I focused on dropping weight, adding power throughout the entire power band (13gs + DR stage 3 heads = instant power), and keeping most of the comforts associated with this car. I even race with the spare tire in place. I've finally got the car just about where I want it and handles better than I ever thought a 3s could. For the last 5-6 years I've been auto-crossing this car and even took 1st for the season in SCCA for the Ohio Valley region (Street Mod, street tire). Plus I beat Supercar at the NG this year :-)

Oh yeah, my wife also let me post a pic to help persuade your vote :)