3SI: Forum Registration Problems

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Their are several things that can prevent you from registering with the 3SI forum. This pages tries the list the most common reasons.

There was an error. Your username or password was incorrect.[edit]

If you are receiving this message when you are trying to join the club before you have registered with the forum. To register with the forum you need to click the REGISTER link. The Register link is just above the Google.jpg logo on the Google search bar.

The administrator has banned your email address[edit]

If you are receiving this message it probably means you are using an email address attached to one of the free email(yahoo.com, gmail.com, hotmail.com, ...) providers. Unfortunately we have had to ban these email addresses from the forum. Our forum has grown large enough to attract the attention of spammers. If we allow these addresses the forum will be inundated with spam messages. If you have an email from your work, school or your internet service provider that will probably work.

I registered and I can't post[edit]

This probably means your account has not been "activated". When you register the forum sends an email to you. You must click a link in that email to confirm your email address.

I never activated my account and do not have the email[edit]

Change your email activations can not be resent.

I never got my activation email[edit]

Please contact the forum administrator.