3SI: Forum Membership Activation

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If your account did not update to member status within one hour after you sent a paypal payment it is most likely because our database doesn’t know how to link the payment. The reason for this is that you most likely did not use the paypal link located inside the membership management console (http://www.3si.org/member/sidb.php). There is no way for us to track who you are unless you first login and then use the paypal button located inside. Please do not send membership payment directly. Login first and use the link! (http://www.3si.org/member/sidb.php)

Same goes for subscription payments. If you originally did not use the link located in the management console (http://www.3si.org/member/sidb.php) or setup the subscription before we had the management console (http://www.3si.org/member/sidb.php) the subscription payment will not update your account. There is no tracking information with the payment making it impossible to determine which forum account to credit.

If you have proberly setup your member account please click the following link and post the information requested and administrator will fix your account using that information. http://www.3si.org/forum/showthread.php?t=346311