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Welcome to the largest and best-maintained wiki for the Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO and Dodge Stealth platform.

The mission of this wiki is to help reunite the 3000GT/GTO/Stealth community by bringing our multiple forum users and sites together, as well as to provide a single source to easily and rapidly find the 3S-related information you're looking for. You can start browsing the 500+ available articles immediately, or feel free to Create an Account to help contribute.

How to Get Involved[edit]

Ready to get involved? You're just a few clicks away from creating new articles and/or editing existing ones. To learn more on how to edit and create articles, please visit the Modifying/Creating an Article Tutorial. From there, you can learn how to make your articles look good by reading the Editing/Formatting Tutorial and Upload New Photos/Files Tutorial to use in your articles.

Why a Wiki?[edit]

For the last 13 years, since 1999, forum software has been our primary means of sharing information. Before that, we used email and mailing lists (Dragnet, Starnet, etc). The Internet has changed significantly since then. While both of these mediums have proven essential for the growth of the platform, it hasn't been without its limitations. To elaborate, forums are great for discussions and group communication, but they aren't optimized for finding the information you need. In order to find the right answer, you have to sort through countless posts from members of all different experience levels, often to only find incomplete or straight up incorrect information.

I don't see this changing anytime soon, it has been like this since the beginning. That is why it is time for us to adopt a new channel of sharing information to enhance the community. It's time to bring in and fully commit to something to supplement, not replace, the channels we already have. The obvious answer is a community-wide wiki.

Every day for the last 12 weeks I have made it my full time job to rebuild our wiki from scratch. My goal was originally to just recover the information and repost it as a .zip, but the more I worked on it, the more I realized the benefits to a well-maintained community wiki, and how reposting it alone just wouldn't be enough.


Just some of the benefits of a wiki include:

One Answer Answer a Question Only Once
And it will forever be available for reference.
Improved Accuracy Improved Answer Accuracy
With a well-rounded team of editors and researchers from the community, all edits and contributions will be vetted and double-checked.
Improved Visibility Improved Visibility
A common problem with important information in forum posts is that they easily fall off into forgotten territory and become lost among the masses with time. Or they get sticky'd and no one looks at them anymore. Wiki's, with flexible category options and solid interconnectivity between topics, don't tend to have this problem. Your article will be seen, referenced and linked to often.
East to Contribute Easy to Update and Contribute
Sometimes answers change with time, or we learn new and improved ways of doing things. Making these changes are easy in a wiki, and as long as people contribute, these tutorials will always be fluid and up-to-date.
Faster Answers Find Answers Faster
Searching for 'how to replace ECU and ECS capacitors' returns a single result, and exactly the correct result you were looking for. If you're interested in learning about what else you can do with your ECU, it is all just one category click away.
Consolidation Consolidation with High Concentration
As it stands now, useful 3S information is scattered out all across the web. Many personal websites have sprung up offering great information, but are likely only helping a fraction of those they could be. This is undoubtedly the problem; sites go up, sites go down, sites cease to be maintained or become too large of a burden. Put that same article on a wiki, save others from having to remember which sites have which content, and watch it grow as other knowledgeable members contribute and maintain it long after you've set the ball in motion.
Automatic Backups Automatic Archives & Backups
Everything in a wiki is backed up and archived, which makes it easy to rollback an article to a previous state whether it was changed yesterday or even a year ago. If someone contributes to your existing article, you can quickly and easily see the changes and accept or revert them as needed.
Open Participation Anyone Can Participate & Create
Unlike buying a domain and trying to learn, build and maintain a website, a wiki provides a platform that people with all different levels of web-savviness can easily participate in. No HTML or coding language knowledge is required, it's completely free to use, and learning how to format your articles exactly how you want them is a piece of cake. For those that know HTML, CSS or JavaScript, you are not limited to the built-in tools the wiki provides. The sky is the limit.
And much more...

What's Changed?[edit]

Besides the dedicated website and domain, a number of custom enhancements have been made that no other 3S-related wiki has had before:

Latest Software 3SWiki sports the latest and most stable software build
For the time being and for as long as I am able, I will maintain, pay, and contribute my time to keep this resource online and available for everyone.
All Content Transferred Nearly all content has been restored and transferred
By the community, for the community. Nearly 500 articles and 1800 images by community members have successfully been restored, including 80 tutorials, countless pages of useful 3s-related information, member's cars and Ride of the Month archives dating back to 1999.
All Credit Given All credit will be given to their respective owners
In addition to finding their articles, I wanted the people that wrote and perfected them to receive the proper credit they deserve. For every existing piece of information, I have recovered, archived and prominently displayed the origination of your work. To view these credits, simply click the 'View History' tab on any article.
Increased Speed Increased speed and optimizations
Many of the images on the old wiki were unnecessarily large in file size and taxing to load. Additionally, many articles contained excess code and bloat. I have manually optimized and modified every single article and image with speed and efficiency in mind.
Intuitive Naming and Categorizing Every article has been properly and intuitively named and categorized
Adopting a new naming standardization method, each article has been given a new and meaningful title (e.g. Clutch: Replace Master Cylinder, or Engine: Adjust Idle Speed). This will be used to keep all articles about clutch work together, or engine work together, etc. This will be encouraged and maintained for all future article contributions.
Dedicated Team A dedicated team
Behind the scenes I have started to secure a team of respectable moderators to help maintain and keep the wiki running like a well-oiled machine. While one of the great things about a wiki is that we all can help maintain it, those that have volunteered their time to help oversee this project, just to name a few, include: 4-time 3S owner and 3SI moderator Steve (ChargerX3) and 12-year community member and ASE certified mechanic Steve (91vr4n00maxima aka VR4). These are the ones I have reached out to so far to help with accuracy and structure, and more will be added down the road.
Free and Without Advertisements Free. No Ads.
There will be no outside advertisements or spam on the wiki. The mission of the wiki is to provide helpful and free information for all, not to generate revenue. I do not see this changing anytime in the foreseeable future.
Cross Forum Support Cross-forum Support
This resource is for the community, regardless of your preference. I have personally talked to each of the forum heads about the wiki, and I promise to keep this project balanced, impartial and working towards the betterment of the community as a whole.
Easy Transition Easy Transition
Happen to have an old wiki thread bookmarked? Simply change the domain ( to (, and your old links will work. For example, changing to will get you exactly where you want to go.
Permanency Permanency
In a display of exactly how much faith I have in this project, I have registered and pre-paid for for a guaranteed 10 years, up through 2022. Furthermore, I have also provided a digital backup of the wiki files to a handful of people I have met, respected and come to trust during my journey with this platform. These trustees are people that can restore the wiki if something were to happen to me. The precautions are in place to see to it that the wiki will never go down again.

These are just a few of the things done to help get this off the ground. Numerous people from across the community have worked together to get the wiki this far, and now we turn it back over to you.

Bookmark, join in, and enjoy.

- The 3000GT/Stealth Community

In Short (TL;DR)[edit]

The wiki is back, better than ever, and is here to stay.